Right food are the window to the eyes

People can do anything for fashion. People are eating good foods and doing workouts to lead a healthy and happy life. Due to the pandemic, the lifestyle of people has changed. Food habits, a proper lifestyle, and eating a healthy diet have helped people. Covid-19 has weakened our immune system. We need to build our immune system once again, and this time, the immune system should be strong to fight against such viruses.

Our health includes eyes also. We need to take care of our eyesight. Thus we need to have foods rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and more. People are spending more time sitting in front of the computer. For them, working out becomes difficult. They need to wear blue light glasses in the UK and protect our eyes from the harmful rays emitting from the screens.

Foods for a good eyesight

 Let us know what foods we should include in our daily diet. Some of the foods are-

  • Fish- Fishes are not only good for skin and health but are also good for the eyes. Seawater fishes like tuna and salmon are highly rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is an essential nutrient for our eyes. If anyone is not comfortable having fish, they can have fish oils as a substitute. It helps our eyes get proper nutrients and helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Green vegetables- Vegetables are always good for our health and our eyes. Green vegetables are rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamins. These nutrients are necessary for proper eyesight and good health. Veggies like spinach, kale, collards are rich in these nutrients. This plant-based vitamin A helps in reducing long-term eye diseases, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Women’s glasses with green tints will look amazing and stunning on every woman.
  • Nuts and legumes- Nuts and legumes are rich in nutrients like omega3 fatty acids, vitamins, and other nutrients. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are rich in these nutrients and are easy munching snacks. Eating a balanced amount of these nuts helps our vision to get better.
  • Fruits- They are again a good source of vitamins. Fruits like lemon, oranges, berries, grapes, and others are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. These three vitamins are very essential for our eyes. They play a huge role in improving our eyesight. Vitamin C is also good for our skin and helps our skin to glow and stay healthy.
  • Eggs- Eggs are a source of multiple vitamins and proteins. Proteins are very important for our overall health. Thus eggs are tasty and provide multiple nutrients to our bodies. It is important to have at least an egg per day for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Orange fruits- Orange coloured fruits like carrots, sweet potatoes, and apricots are rich in the property of vitamin A called beta-carotene, which helps in our night vision. One sweet potato has more vitamin C and an adequate vitamin E.
  • Meat and poultry- Meat and poultry are good sources of vitamin A and zinc. Zinc is an essential nutrient for the eyes. Zinc transfers vitamin A to the liver and then to the retina and helps in better vision-producing melanin. Melanin is an essential pigment necessary for vision. Meat like chicken, beef, and pork are good for the eyes.
  • Squash- Squashes are a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin. Summer squashes have vitamin C and zinc. And the winter squashes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and omega3 fatty acids. These help in reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Avocados- They consist of healthy fats and are rich in various nutrient sources. The lutein and zeaxanthin help our eyes to protect from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. They contain a high amount of zinc and they help in reducing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Broccoli and sprouts- These veggies are rich in vitamins, minerals, and zinc. They contain antioxidants that are beneficial for health. These help our eyes to stay healthy and fit for a longer period. They protect the cells of our eyes from free radicals and keep our eyes in good condition. You can buy spectacles online as a fashion accessory to style your healthy eyes with your outfit.
  • Seeds- Different seeds like flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and others rich in zinc and minerals help reduce the risk of several eye diseases and keep our eyes healthy.
  • Raw peppers- Colourful peppers contain a high amount of vitamin A and E which are eye-friendly and help in good vision. Green pepper is rich in vitamin C which helps our eyes to get enough antioxidants and stay healthy.

The above mentioned are some foods that keep our body and eyes healthy.


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