Rodent and Insect Infestations Most Damaging to a Home

Not only are pests a nuisance, but they also cause damage to homes around the country. Unfortunately, some cause more damage than others. Let’s take a look!


In Australia, 25% of all homes will experience termite problems during their lifetime. That’s right – one in four homes will suffer from termites at one point or another. With this statistic alone, you see how common the problem is (and how frustrating it becomes for homeowners!).

Sadly, one of the biggest problems with termites is that they cause lots (and lots) of mess. After infesting the home’s structure, some homeowners are forced to find thousands of dollars to repair the damaged wood. With all of this in mind, it’s crucial to not only treat termite inspections quickly but also to call Dentec Pest if you find signs of termites in your house. You should also have your home regularly checked even if you haven’t spotted the signs.

Mice and Rats

While termites work their way inside the wooden structure of a home, mice and rats gnaw away at it. Just to cause even more frustration, house mice are active right through the calendar year. Whether winter or summer, mice and rats will chew through skirting boards, wooden structures in the attic, and more.


Another pest with which Australian homeowners will be familiar is the opossum. Whether in the attic or underneath the home, they leave behind waste materials (and plenty of it!). What’s more, they gather nesting materials and chew through air ducts, walls, and insulation when stuck.


Though not as common as other pests, cockroaches tend to cause more damage than most. Typically, cockroaches settle in a home because they find the magical trio of moisture, food, and warmth. When in a home, they slowly but surely destroy soft materials like wallpaper, furniture, and carpets. If not treated, it won’t be long before you’re out of pocket for these types of expenses.

Bees and Wasps

Next, bees and wasps can settle in gardens and in the walls of a home. Did you know that a wasp nest can grow to 20,000 if not noticed and treated properly? For those with allergies, and even for those without, the last thing you want is the threat of a sting whenever you leave home.

As well as the stinging issue, some homeowners also have to deal with nests in their walls, attics, and other spaces. Heavy nests can actually damage insulation, wood, and other soft materials. Additionally, any wax or honey leaking from the nest can cause all sorts of mess.

Since we need to protect honeybees, the best way to deal with an infestation of this type is to call a professional service. Don’t worry; the same goes for all kinds of bees and wasps.


While you might not put pigeons in the same category as other pests in this list, they actually cause lots of problems for homeowners. How? Their droppings. As well as eroding roofing material, pigeon droppings erode the paintwork of your vehicle. In some cases, pigeons also make a home in loft spaces and guttering, and this is where damage occurs.

Treating Rodent and Insect Infestations Properly

If ever you experience a rodent or insect infestation, it’s best to call professionals as soon as possible. You’ve seen how pests can cause damage, so why risk dealing with an issue alone when you have a professional service nearby with the right experience and equipment to help? Not only will they rid your home of the problem, but they’ll also ensure that the pest doesn’t return soon after!


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