Beyond the Glass – Creative Ways to Cook with Rosé Wine in Your Kitchen Creations

Wine is one of the commonly used ingredients for international recipes. Some people like to have a glass of cool wine with their meals. But, many wine lovers want to add red wine while cooking their favourite dishes. So, find some recipes that have included rose wine as the ingredient.

Rose mussels

Most commonly, chefs use white wine for cooking mussels. However, you may replace the white wine with a clean, refreshing rose wine. It will help you revamp your dish. The best rose wine has a lighter colour with a more delicate flavour.

Heat some olive oil in your pan and add ingredients like red pepper and parsley. You can then put the mussels into it. Continue cooking for a few minutes and then add rose wine. Serve the food with pepper.

Roasted salmon salad

Rose wine pairs well with light salads and seafood. Use only a small amount of this wine for vinaigrette and chill it. Make sure you have chosen dry rose wine for the recipe. After preheating the oven, you have to add salmon to the baking sheet. You have to roast it for at least 12 minutes and let it cool.

Chicken piccata

Chicken piccata is a yummy recipe that you can try out at any time. If you are looking for an Italian-inspired dinner, Italians like to eat veal piccata. Dredge the chicken breast pieces in flour. After cooking it, you can serve the dish with red wine and lemon juice. If you want a classic version, you may choose the white wine. For garnishing, you can use chopped parsley.

Pickles with rose wine

You can make an amazing pickle recipe with rose wine. The best trick is to replace the sugar with notes of rose wine. You may also add some hints of strawberry and peach. Red onions are the major part of the recipe, and bring tangy sweetness to the flavour. This pickle has an impressive nutritional value and a remarkable taste. Other ingredients used for the pickle are black peppercorns and bay leaf.

Choose the right rose wine based on your purpose

The lighter rose wine has more similarities to white wine. On the contrary, the dark one is much like red wine. You can choose the lighter version for marinating your fish and meat. But, the darker ones are perfect for marinating beef.

Rose wine is not a blend of white and red wines. Breweries use red grapes to make them. It is truly a versatile ingredient in your kitchen. Some people prefer cooking their food with dry rose wine. The sweetness level is adjustable depending on what you cook.

It is a myth that red wine can be replaced with rose wine in all recipes. Sadly, it can lead to an inconsistent outcome.

You can increase or reduce rose wine content in your recipe to make it unique. Create different dishes using the right type of wine and serve the dish to your guests.


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