Rummy is actually a skill based game which is a game of matching cards.  Rummy is yet another virtual team forming game where you invest on real life players and you score a position on the leaderboard based on the scores of your team members. Rummy is a game play which is legal in India and termed as a skill based game. There are thousands of ways of playing Rummy and you need to know the strategies of playing Rummy to invest in online Rummy app players. Rummy can be skill based but the  Rummy is more luck based than skill based. Though it is not gambling but it requires experience and a lot of good luck. In Rummy we usually play with two different decks of 52 cards. There is an open deck and there is a closed deck. You have to find arrangements of the 13 cards in your hands into a valid set of sequences.

Mostly the Rummy is played among 2 to 6 players and the players actually own 13 cards. There is a random card selected as the Joker card of the game which can be the master of the entire game. It is the wildcard and plays a very vital role in choosing the sequence. There are two types of major sequences that can be formed: Pure and Impure sequences. In the pure sequences you cannot use the wildcard but in impure sequences you can have a wildcard. It is mandatory to form a pure sequence from the 13 cards among all the sequences otherwise you cannot win the game. There has to be at least two sequences with the 13 cards otherwise you won’t be able to win. There are thousands on online platforms for playing rummy and there are few types of Rummy which we can talk about, which are played mostly.

13 Card Rummy

The major game play is over the 13 card Rummy. The process of playing mentioned above is the 13 card Rummy game play and is the most common variety and you can easily get acquainted with the entire game play. You are supposed to form a minimum of two meaningful sequences with the 13 cards among which one has to be a pure sequence to win the game. There are three varieties of the 13 card Rummy. They are Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy.

  • Deals Rummy

It is a type of Rummy which has a fixed number of deals you can play with. There are few chips which are supplied to the players equally at the very beginning and the losing players have to return all the chips they have to the winner of the game. When all the deals are finished, the player who has the maximum number of chips actually wins.

  • Points Rummy

It is a 80 point Rummy and it is very simple one of the most basic levels of playing Rummy. It is great for the beginners. Points Rummy is the most popular online variety of Rummy for players. The tables of the points rummy differ by a valuation which ranges from 10 paisa per point to 100 rupees per point. The ultimate strategy is: Winning Player= (Total points from all the players losing) X (Point value) – Rummy Passion Rake.

  • Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy has a quite similar structure to the Points Rummy. The Rummy players usually pool the table with a lot of money and then start to play. There are two variations of the entire game play. They are 101 Pools Rummy and the 201 Pools Rummy. It is similar to the Points Rummy but the players who score 101 or 201 score are actually eliminated from the game instantly.


Rummy is an extremely popular game play and there are a plethora of variants of the game. Know all the specifications and the most popular variety before playing the  Rummy. Knowing the game in detail is necessary to play the  sports properly. It is one of the best skill based games in India and extremely popular. There is also a very slight involvement of luck in the  Rummy but the 13 cards rummy variations is the king and playing the  Rummy on it makes the game play even more interesting.


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