Safely Charge Your EV At Home With Certified Wall Box Charger

EVs are here to stay. You can see more and more electric cars getting added to the Australian roads. Due to oil price inflation, people are planning to switch to electric vehicles. You are also planning to buy an EV but are wondering about how to recharge its battery daily. EV is a mystery in terms of charging like how long to charge and how much distance will it travel. People have had a range of anxieties but with advanced technology, the current EV models have been equipped with better batteries.

You are used to visiting a service station to fill up gas, which takes some minutes but topping up the EV takes time. Nevertheless, you don’t need to leave the house to top up the battery. It is possible at home. The level 1 charging option is slowest but easily accessible. It allows charging a car battery fully within 25 hours depending on battery size. It is a charging option you get with your new EV.

Plug the cable in the wall socket at home. Ensure that the Power Point is not old because the circuit may be shared with several home appliances and can trip the circuit breaker suddenly at night, which can leave the car uncharged. It can even cause overheating and damage the wall socket.

Install certified wall box charging station at home

Level 2 chargers are common types that work 5 to 10 times faster than level 1. You can visit Jucer and buy the type 2 EV charger as a spare one for the road. It is compatible with public charging stations and other commercial locations.

Install a wall box for charging EV safely at home. It is designed with safety features that lessen the risks of electric shocks and fires. During the charging process, if there is a fluctuation in voltage the charger instantly stops transfer and releases the charging cable automatically. It means your EV, home and grid connection stay away from needless stress.

Besides, being safe the certified wall box also helps to power the EV faster than a normal wall socket. The certified wall box is capable to handle extreme outdoor conditions like rain and heat. The EV wall boxes can be set indoors and outdoors. Make sure to have a licensed electrician install the EV wall box charging station at home. A 7.2 kW wall box charger will offer a 30 to 50 km range with one-hour charging. So, there is no need to plug-in EV daily, depending on use.

If you are planning a long drive then you can depend on the public charging network. In Australia, charging infrastructure is still under development as more and more chargers are added as days pass.

Public charging points can be less convenient than plugging at home but with an output range of 15 kW to 350 kW, the recharging can be significantly faster than at home. You can always top up the battery charge like at the workplace, it is sensible to plug in during office hours.

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