Salespeople: 6 Proven Tips for Mastering Powerful Emotions

Human emotions are complex and powerful. You need to have control over them to be successful – be it life or work. Salespeople of any business are the ones who are dealing with different types of customers every day. They should know how to control emotions and feelings first and then try to persuade the customers through emotional selling techniques. At times, conversations with your customers may not be favorable and go as you wish. That is when your intelligence and maturity to handle them become the most required skills.

In sales, you will experience both – happiness and excitement while winning deals or sadness and anxiety while facing rejections. Mastering the emotions of yourself makes you a better salesperson and influencing the customer’s emotions will bring more loyal customers to your business. In this blog, let’s discuss some proven tips and techniques on how to keep your emotions under control.

Why does Emotional Intelligence Matters In Sales?

Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to identify, understand and utilize the power of emotions in your favor. How to overcome emotions is a crucial skill in sales. A simple sales pitch can be elevated with your analytical skills and creativity. The right proportion of information and humor can help you win customers. The sales process includes communication, negotiation, relationship building, rejections, follow-ups, and closing deals.

Apart from this cycle, there are certain things such as loyalty, referring your product to others, and giving constructive feedback which are most important for business growth. These are the qualities that can be gained over a period of time. A salesperson’s patience and trust and transparency built with customers will be helpful for that.

6 Tips To Master Powerful Emotions

Life is filled with emotions. But don’t let them take over our life.  Instead, learn how to gain control of your emotions to live in harmony under all situations. As a salesperson, apply these 6 useful tips for attaining emotional mastery.

  1. Emotional Self-Awareness

Start with observing your emotions, i.e how you are reacting under different circumstances. This is the first step towards emotional intelligence. Next, figure out how to keep your emotions under control. For example, if a demo call gives you a feeling of excitement, take a deep breath and go with the flow. Don’t prejudge the outcome by yourself. This way, you will be able to master your emotions.

  1. Overwhelmed? Take It Slow

Very often, you may feel overwhelmed with work. The tasks get piled up and you end up puzzling about where to start. For this kind of situation, a habit of prioritizing tasks will help. Start with the most important one and ticking off one by one from the list will make you regain your confidence. Also, practicing meditation daily will help you stay focussed at work. Take one day at a time, and scheduling your work and meetings one day prior will keep you sane at work.

  1. Stress Management

Stress will be your biggest enemy at work if not managed properly. As a salesperson, due to hustling work life and running towards attaining your sales quota, you may easily get stressed. Stress results in fatigue and affects your productivity. Carefully assess and manage your stress. Control your emotions and stay motivated at work. And, while facing customers, maintain a calm and positive state of mind. This will reflect on them as well and brings you closer to your goals by winning deals.

  1. Practice Objection Handling

Rejections are a part of a salesperson’s life. Some turn them into opportunities at the right time with their sales skills and follow-ups, while others take them personally and suffer. Choose your path wisely. Ask questions to your customers till you understand the exact reason for rejecting your product. This will give you a clear picture of what to do next. For example, if they are not fine with investing now, they may need your product in the future. Doing regular follow-ups and maintaining a healthy relationship will get this deal for you. Persistence is the key.

  1. Embrace Your Failures

There will be no one in this world without failures. But, how we take it and move on decides your victory. Each prospect you get is an opportunity. But, whether all of them become your customers depends on many factors. Your responsibility is to strive till the end. As you celebrate your success, embrace your failures too. Get feedback and work towards improvement. Show consistency in upskilling and learning new things at work.

  1. Take Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is good for your career growth. Whether you get it from the manager or the customers, instead of reacting in frustration and anger, think of it deeply. Figure out what went wrong from your side. Seeking answers is more important than reacting back. Words that help your career growth may sound bitter but shape your career.


Hope the above tips made you clear on how to control feelings. To pursue a successful career in sales, these tips are very important. Mastering emotions is the first step toward building good customer relationships. Today, buying behavior of people is mostly based on values – the value your product brings to their business and how you value them as a customer. To sum up everything, “To master your emotions is not to suppress them. It is to process them with diligence, and express them with intelligence.”



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