SattaMatka Games and Variants

MatkaSatta or matkasattu is a variant of lottery and betting that in the past involved betting on both the opening and closing prices of cotton sent from the New York Cotton Exchange to both the Bombay Cotton Exchange and the New Delhi Cotton Exchange. It originated from before the first century of Indian Independence, when it was called AnkadaJugra. The main aim of the lottery system was to ensure that each and every person in the villages knew the position of the bank manager and thus had the sole right of gifting money to their relatives and friends. However this system soon changed into a system that involved trading and profit taking from it.

The system has been modified many times over the years by changing the name, format and numbers used in MatkaSatta and Boss Matka. There are now three variants to MatkaSatta namely SattaKalyan, SattaMatka and SattaKanyanas. All the variants follow a similar pattern with the main objective being to draw the highest possible digit using a fixed format. In order to do that the following rules are adhered to:

Rules for SattaMatka Variants

SattaKalyan: This variant of Satta Matka otg involves drawing the number of a small group of people who have been allotted a specific value of one Indian rupee by the Indian Ministry of Finance on completion of a particular task. The tasks are those that require the expenditure of a small sum or gifts. For drawing the highest possible digit a jury is given whereby the prize is double than what the original sum of money was.

SattaMatka Jodi: For SattaMatka Jodi the participants are required to guess a Jodi of number of pair of number that is most likely to be the winner. A player who guesses the most closest or proximate number win the game and is rewarded huge chunk of profit.

SattaMatkaKalyan: SattaMatkaKalyan is the most popular form of Satta. Here, the MatkaSatta Jodi is drawn where a set of numbers are exchanged between the players. Kalyanmatka offers a safe and secure lottery games. The players of the kalyanmatka can save their money by investing low amount. KalyanMatka Tip- Withdraw your money has soon as you start losing the game. Players who do not stop playing even after succumbing to loss can be a victim of bankruptcy. Satta and matka game can lead to serious loses as there is no guarantee of winning.

Boss Matka is a platform dedicated to people interested in spending their saved money illegally by playing lottery, it is important for people to understand that gambling, jua, and lottery is illegal and punishable in India. Any website that offers such game is not legitimate. Investing money on these sites can lead to losses. People are advised to stay away from lottery and satamatkaDpboss games in their best interests. Such games are waste of time and money.

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