Second Hand Activa in Bangalore: Features and Important Things to Know

With the advent of furniture renting and workspace rentals, the changes in the workplace post the COVID-19 pandemic is evident in literally every aspect of daily life. One such most prominent change has been the mentality shift towards buying previously owned vehicles over newer ones. Particularly, as delivery services boom in Karnataka’s capital city, the sale of second-hand motor vehicles is also blossoming; the most famous use case is the purchase of second hand Activa in Bangalore.

Many buyers will now debate whether buying new scooters, or previously owned ones are better. To that, vehicle lovers have an evergreen answer. Be it a new bike or a second-hand motorcycle, the sheer love a roadster possesses for his vehicle remains the same. Like wine, the second hand Activa in Bangalore only goes finer with time. So, let’s delve into the basics of buying one.

What are the special features of the Honda Activa?

Tried and Tested

Initially launched in May 1999, the Honda Activa has completed more than 3 decades of earning consumer trust and critics’ praise for its superb features. All Activa models manufactured by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) have gained immense popularity with people from different walks of life due to their fit-to-budget pricing range.

Stylish and Ergonomic

The second hand Activa in Bangalore is a stylish choice for those looking for minimalist scooter designs and nothing glitzy. Also, its unique ergonomic fit gives proper balance to riders while mounting and deboarding. Riders across varying age groups have time and again recommended the Activa as a multipurpose daily vehicle.

Sturdy Build

The Honda Activa is powered by a 109.51 cc having an air-cooled engine and a fuel tank of 5.3 L that is highly economical for long-distance travel and weight loading. In fact, in 2017, during FY17, a news report by the widely read Economic Times and dozens of other English dailies said that the Honda Activa had consecutively broken the best selling two-wheeler model in India. This was in succession to Activa outselling the Hero Splendor since 2014.

Versatile performance

Although it took Honda thirteen years to achieve the 1 crore sales figure, it managed to add another crore in the time period of only three years. This growth of crores is owed to Honda Activa, which led the HMSI to become the first-ever company in India to reach that juncture in November 2018, while Honda Activa was responsible for being the largest contributor to a two crore figure milestone.

Honda continued its growth despite odds like the COVID-19 pandemic, and today it is renowned as India’s top scooter-selling company, dominating with a whopping 57 percent of the total market share as per Business Standard review. The news report further highlights that every second scooter sold in the country is one of theirs, so why not move another step further towards your dreams of buying a second hand Activa in Bangalore? Let’s understand the checklist to buy one.

Second Hand Activa in Bangalore Features and Important Things to Know

Honda Activa can be your daily commute solution.

What are the important things to know before getting a second hand Activa in Bangalore?

You attract what you seek

We don’t mean to sound all philosophical and drab, but yes, you definitely get what you are looking for. So first and foremost, find a purpose to buy a second hand Activa in Bangalore. Do you want joy rides around the lush greens of the city, or are you going to use it for driving to the office every day? Fix your goal for buying the second hand Activa in Bangalore, then get going.

Search, search and then streamline

Literally speaking, conduct intense search rounds for getting the best deals, offers, and discounts. And while you jot down the pros and cons of buying from a private dealer or an online seller, do not forget to streamline your repository of research. Streamlining your search options can save a lot of time later when you actually start your purchasing procedure.

Check the chassis chap

Once you get comfortable with the specific second hand Activa in Bangalore you want to purchase, you must first inspect the bike for properly functioning gears, leakages, dents, etc. Now, check the chassis number to ensure that the number on the plate matches with the engine. Although it might get tricky to locate the figures in an old scooter, sellers of second hand Activa in Bangalore are reliable enough so take their mechanic’s help for finding it easily. Next, tally the chassis number in the bike’s registration certificate as well.

Second Hand Activa in Bangalore Features and Important Things to Know2

Buying a second-hand Activa can give you a better mileage

Ride your worries away

This is a highly recommended important step to know before purchasing a second hand Activa in Bangalore. Conduct a test ride to experience the feels, mechanics, and performance of the motorcycle.

Don’t budge from the budget

Quite frankly suggesting, do not budge from your budgetary concerns. Since you are buying a second hand Activa in Bangalore, you have a flurry of options handy. Consider your budget limitations well and discuss them with the seller before arriving at a conclusion. Not only is this a smart economic approach but also a caution against impulsive splurging on daily utilities. Also, riding for just five to ten minutes is enough to understand if it is worth buying for those on a tight budget.

Perfect your papers

Once you engage in the regular drill of negotiating prices with the seller of second hand Activa in Bangalore, you will not be able to focus on the legalities of the purchase. So, when the price has been finalized, perfect your legal papers before making the payment. This process involves ensuring that the scooter’s servicing records, registration certificates, vehicle insurance (which should be ideally transferred in your name), sales receipts, pollution under control certificate, and RTO forms are in order.

For anyone, owning a vehicle is a special feeling, regardless of it being new or second-hand. And while many can’t afford the rising prices of new vehicles, they shouldn’t give up on their dreams but rather go ahead and buy a second hand Activa in Bangalore.


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