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Self-confidence: the most inspiring Instagram accounts to follow urgently!

Self-confidence is not innate. A little more self-esteem, experience, and cheekiness can make it easier for you to assert yourself. Self-confidence is the value, judgment, and security that we have of our ability to perform actions and, in general, to live our lives freely. It is, therefore, evident that a lack of self-confidence limits us and slows us down when we try to reach a goal, whatever it is. Maybe sometimes you had the feeling of wanting to have your opinion without succeeding, of wanting to do something intensely without finding the courage inside you or of feeling limited.

Self-esteem is a quality that acts as an amplifier for every activity we carry out; in fact, having more self-confidence means living happier and with greater capacity for action. Even if you have been following Individual Growth for a while and have read different strategies to achieve your personal fulfillment, without self-confidence or self-esteem, you will not go very far. How to always have self-confidence? Here are some Instagram accounts that will give you the strength to get there.

Face the trials of life with Instagram

He often gets out of bed with a peach and a steel mind. There are things in life that make everyday life a little more difficult every day, and it is not easy to accept yourself.

Instagram can also be a test to see the perfect life of certain people, to see that everything is fine with their life that they have no cellulite, no overweight, no boredom, an ideal couple life under the palm trees.

Fortunately for us, there are influencers / public figures who have given themselves the mission to come to our rescue with all their good energies. Quotes, practical advice from professionals, and secrets discovered on their Instagram accounts as they have millions of Instagram followers.

Instagram accounts to follow to have self-confidence. 

My Better Self-Louise Aubery

Louise is a former Science-Po student who chose to share her good humor, her good vibes, and her self-confidence. She shares tips for always feeling great and has produced her own podcast: My Better self. She receives badass women who have managed to develop their business and find a balance between their professional and personal lives—the opportunity to interact with each of them and discover their expert tips.

Twelve February

Julie is a burner who decided to make this event a strength. She has thus created an Instagram account in which she shares her daily life and her motivating words. A badass as we like it!

 We want real

This account is created by Louise Aubery and Douze Février, which aims to “feel good with Instagram posts” and forget the many instructions. She posts the truth, the daily life of positive personality as well as quotes.

Hello girls

This influential humorist has decided that other people’s opinions don’t really count. She prefers to laugh at all the clichés, and we have to say what she does is quite funny. She has also published her own book “T’es bonne bébé” which tackles the subject of self-confidence through notions such as the body, daring, the gaze of others, sexuality, kindness, and of course, the impact of the Internet on the way you look at yourself.

She gives her advice to love yourself as you are.

 Laury thilleman

This former Miss-France only knows how to bring good humor around her. Her posts always make you feel good. She never hides reality, does not try to be another person to please, and does not hesitate to confide in all her daily galleys. She also gives advice on how to feel good about yourself (recipes, beauty tips, etc.)

Shonda Rhimes

You can have the impression of going from rooster to donkey, but this director is one of the accounts to add as soon as possible. She directed and produced Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, or How to get away with murder. One day, she decided to say yes to all the professional proposals that she had and since her life changed. She explains it in her book “The Year of YES.”

Jameela Jamil

This actress fights against Instagram dictates and all injustices against women. To follow it is to have a daily dose of ultra-virulent tweets against influencers that it considers too much like the Kardashians who promote slimming products. It spells and silences all those who would have you believe that you are not as well as you are. It makes you want to take back control of your life! You can also find her in the series “The Good Place” alongside Kristen Bell.

 Ashley Graham

Plus-size model par excellence, she shares snapshots on Instagram in which she shows how essential self-confidence is. She also created her book “A New Model,” in which she reveals her point of view on the image of the body and its evolution. She also shared her journey to accept her body without limiting her dreams in the face of a rigid industry, which told her that she could never get there. You can also find her every week via her Pretty Big Deal podcast / Video.

Theotherartofliving – Sophie Trem

Sophie Trem’s mission is to bring good energy to the people around her. She also created a good mood class. It is a conference on well-being with a five-point method (posture, breathing, present moment, positive thinking, and acceptance).

Max Piccinini

Do you know Tony Robbins? He is the feel-good and motivational guru in the United States. Max Piccinini would be his European counterpart. Like Tony Robbins, Max also has millions of Instagram followers on his account. He has life advice in all areas of daily life.


This positive life/thought coach regularly gives examples to follow, celebrities who have lost everything and have regained hope. All of his advice is invaluable for self-confidence.

 Michaël Aguilar

On the business side, he is one of the most renowned speakers for motivating teams and teaching them the art of self-confidence. He also released his own book on the subject called the booster book. It is a must-have for all people lacking motivation.


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