Serhii Tokarev: Championing Inclusive Urban Development for Ukraine’s Future

As the cofounder of Roosh and the visionary behind the STEM is FEM project, Serhii Tokarev emphasizes the indispensable role of women in reshaping Ukrainian cities. In this article, we delve into Tokarev’s insights on why women must be pivotal stakeholders in the revitalization of urban spaces, and how their inclusion promises not only societal advancement but also economic prosperity.

In the realms of urban design and development, traditional paradigms have long favored the perspectives and preferences of men. Serhii Tokarev asserts that this historical bias persists in many modern cities, including those in Ukraine. Rooted in antiquated social norms, urban infrastructure has historically catered predominantly to men, relegating the needs and safety concerns of women to the periphery, if not entirely disregarded.

Serhii Tokarev sheds light on a critical revelation from his experiences: the stark disparity between the housing preferences of men and women. While men often prioritize practicality and economic factors, women exhibit a nuanced consideration for safety, community infrastructure, and proximity to essential amenities, particularly for families. This incongruity underscores the necessity of integrating diverse perspectives into urban planning initiatives.

Furthermore, Serhii Tokarev underscores the pivotal role of businesses in driving inclusive urban development. By aligning with the evolving needs of society, construction companies can unlock untapped demand and foster mutually beneficial partnerships with local authorities. Through a lens of added value, Tokarev emphasizes that investing in comprehensive infrastructure and safety measures not only enhances the attractiveness of projects but also cultivates sustainable environments conducive to economic growth.

Serhii Tokarev Championing Inclusive Urban Development for Ukraines Future1

Drawing parallels with progressive initiatives in Europe, Tokarev advocates for inclusive reconstruction efforts in Ukraine. As the country emerges from the war, the imperative to integrate women across all facets of rebuilding is paramount. From public engagement to architectural design, Tokarev emphasizes the urgency of initiating this inclusive paradigm shift.

One noteworthy endeavor spearheaded by Tokarev’s STEM is FEM project is the implementation of educational programs aimed at empowering young women in urban planning. Through initiatives like the UNITY program, Ukrainian schoolgirls and students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to actively participate in shaping their communities’ future. By fostering collaboration between aspiring urban planners and seasoned professionals, these initiatives lay the foundation for a more inclusive and sustainable urban landscape.

In essence, Serhii Tokarev’s advocacy transcends mere rhetoric, manifesting in tangible efforts to catalyze change. By championing women’s involvement in urban development, Tokarev not only amplifies their voices but also cultivates a more equitable and prosperous future for Ukraine. As the nation navigates the path towards reconstruction, embracing diversity and inclusivity emerges not only as a moral imperative but also as a strategic imperative for societal progress and economic vitality.


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