Settlement Procedure Of Atlanta Car Accident

The settlement procedure of accidents by the insurance adjusters depends on the nature of the accident and the complicacies involved in it. If one has faced a car accident that has been caused due to the negligence of some other person, it becomes essential to know the amount of time and the procedure of settlement to receive compensation for the loss. However, this can only be assumed by an Atlanta car accident attorney who would delve into the nature of the case to provide essential information about the settlement procedure. Consulting an attorney would also help resolve the process as soon as possible, even if it is a complicated case.

The settlement of car accidents in Atlanta involves the completion of several steps post-accident, all of which are mentioned below:

Collection Of Essential Evidence:

Once a car accident attorney is hired, gathering essential evidence will begin, including all the treatment records and medical bills, the report of the police, statements of the witness, and any other relevant information essential for strengthening the case. It is also important to complete all the prescribed treatments or therapies to get an estimate of the expenses. If one has been prescribed any long-term treatment, the reports should be included to assume the cost of future treatments, which will be included in the compensation amount.

Filing A Claim:

Once all the evidence has been gathered, the lawyer will file a compensation claim from the negligent party’s insurance provider. The attorney will also send a demand letter highlighting all the expenses and the expected amount of compensation. 

Entering Into Negotiations With The Insurer:

Once a demand letter has been received, the insurance provider will send a response to the demand letter. This is done promptly as insurance companies try to make the victim accept low compensation due to financial crisis. But an attorney will negotiate with the insurance provider on behalf of the injured and secure fair compensation.

Filing A Lawsuit:

Sometimes the insurance companies don’t increase the amount, and the lawyer will advise the victim to file a lawsuit in such cases. Since the litigation process is time-consuming, insurance companies might move forward to settle things. If they don’t, then the case will be taken to court.

Final Thoughts:

Once the trial preparation is done, it doesn’t take much time. Atlanta car accident trials typically don’t last more than two days. Both parties are required to attend the trial, where the jury will make the final decision.

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