Shopping For the Right Summer Hat for Women

Someone who hardly keeps up with trends and fashion would also know that maintaining an all-season wardrobe is crucial. It guarantees mental peace, allowing you to step out of your house without a sense of missing out. When it can be so relevant for anyone not-so fashion-conscious, a true fashionista like you will be more careful. For example, with the summer here, you must be reviewing your costume collection already. Do you have everything? From dresses to footwear to makeup to jewelry, you can have many options in them. But did you get your summer hat yet?

It becomes a must-have item when you pay close attention to your everyday appearance. However, if you didn’t find it in your closet, don’t bother. Just start shopping for it so that you can plan a complete look before your friend or relative invites you for summer fun. As such, straw fedora hat womens can be your go-to choice like many others. Still, you may want to learn more about the right summer hat style for your features and personality to avoid any errors. Here are some insights to go confidently about it.

Types of hat styles for women

Usually, straw hats come in two standard formats – floppy brims and stiff brims. Floppy brims can be too large, most suitable for picnics, beach time, etc. But if you want a versatile summer hat that defies barriers adapting to almost every environment, then the ones with stiff brims become essential. That’s where fedoras step up and in your fashion. These neat-looking headpiece accessories can easily dish out casual, semi-casual, relaxed, and other looks for you when matched perfectly with your outfit.

If you follow style experts, they emphasize that the choice of hat should complement your facial features well, including chin, jawline, cheekbones, eye shape, and nose. For example, someone with a soft, round face can easily choose a stiff straw brimmed hat in this context. So, if you have a round face, you know a fedora hat can be the best bet. Besides, its straw design can keep your head and face cool while protecting you from direct sunlight. However, it doesn’t mean elongated features cannot adapt to fedoras. For them also, it can be an easy and breezy statement maker.

Choice of colors for hats

One of the safest ways to start with the hat is to pick a color that can do justice to your wardrobe at large. Going by that, cream and tan colors can be friendly. You can use them to bring contrast or accentuate the same tone. Or, if you feel like being experimental, you can choose a black straw hat. However, you must be willing to carry a bold and chic look with it.

Some fashion gurus recommend people to choose a hat based on their eye color. It must compliment your eyes. For example, a light-colored tan hat can be a perfect accessory for brown eyes. With green eyes, black summer fedora hats can look on point.

The size of the hat

Of course, measuring the diameter of your head from above ears and the bump at the back can give you a sense of a suitable hat size for you. But women need to have some more considerations. To be precise, the hair volume or use of hair extensions can make you pick something slightly bigger to accommodate them comfortably. Then, brim size can also matter as per the hairstyle. Your hair should stay within the edge of the brim. For curly or fuller hair, a large bill can be ideal. Short hairstyles can find their trusted partner in smaller brims.

Well, you don’t have to worry about these things so much when you choose a straw fedora. The reason is quite simple – the decent brim size. It is neither too short nor too large. As a result, you can wear them on any hairstyle. For an idea, you can browse

Many hats require accessories to enhance their original look. But if you buy a straw fedora style for women, they usually come with bands to give you a complete look. You only have to take it out from your wardrobe and don it with the day’s outfit to create the desired appearance. Nothing more do you need to do to achieve a well-curated summer look.

So, these are a few things you can remember even when you are sure about your pick. It increases your confidence in the choice, and ultimately, reflects on your attitude too. And as they say, fashion is more about inner strength. When you carry such air, your personality will also communicate the same. At the same time, make sure you don’t invest in low-quality material to save a few bucks. You cannot do this, at least with your fedora look. Any devoted fashionable person would quickly discover what you are wearing.


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