Should I Wash My Beard Everyday?

Keeping your beard clean is a big deal when it comes to beard care. But how often should you wash up? Most guys give them a wash with a beard wash one to three times a week.

However, the right washing frequency can vary based on a few things, like your beard type, how sensitive your skin is, and where you live. Some trusted sources suggest hitting the shower a couple of times a week to clear away sweat, dirt, grime, and the extra oil that your facial hair and skin might collect.

If you’re rocking a long, lush beard, it’s like a magnet for all sorts of stuff, so it might need a good scrubbing as often as the hair on your head — or even more. Shorter beards can get by with fewer washes, especially if you’re giving it a good brush regularly to keep it neat and tidy.

My Skin is Sensitive

Now, let’s talk skin sensitivity. People with skin that’s easily irritated might battle with beard dandruff, but that doesn’t mean they should wash their beards more. It’s a bit of a surprise, but here’s the scoop: guys with sensitive skin should wash less often. Using beard wash too frequently can make dandruff on your beard and dry out your skin.

The environment you’re in can also change up your beard’s wash schedule. If you’re growing your beard in a desert or any super dry climate, you’ll want to be careful with washing since your skin’s already getting hit hard by the sun and wind. Frequent moisturizing is key here, with a deep clean maybe once a week. But if you’re soaking up that island life or dealing with a lot of pollution, you might need to hit the shower more often.

And don’t forget about what you’re up to day-to-day. If you’re sweating it out at the gym or getting grubby outdoors, it’s all good to wash your beard a bit more. Grab some body wash and give yourself a good scrub to keep everything fresh and clean.

Now, let’s break down a simple and speedy guide for getting your beard squeaky clean. Yep, there are different types of beards out there. And each one might need a different washing routine.

Consider trying this game-changing cleanser for a solution to itchiness, achieving a softer beard, and enhancing its natural appearance. Infused with high-quality, cologne-grade scents, this product ensures a delightful fragrance that lasts throughout the day, leaving you feeling fresh and confident. This cleanser is cruelty-free, free from parabens, and entirely vegan-friendly, aligning with ethical and sustainable grooming practices. Some beards, especially thicker ones prone to trapping debris, may require more frequent washes—up to a couple of times a week—for optimal cleanliness and maintenance. By adding this cleanser into your grooming routine, you will be prioritizing your beard’s health and appearance and supporting eco-conscious and cruelty-free products.

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However, you might get by with fewer washes if you have a thinner beard. These beards are less likely to get tangled up and don’t need as much maintenance.

Sensitive Skin, Sensible Washing

Your skin type matters too. If you’ve got skin that’s easily ticked off, you might need to dial back the washing. Too much shampoo can dry out your skin and make dandruff worse. Stick to a once-a-week wash to keep your beard clean without irritating your skin.

Environmental Factors

Where you live can change up your beard’s wash schedule too. If you’re living it up in a desert, you’ll want to go easy on the washing since your skin’s already taking a beating from the sun and wind. But if you’re in a more humid or polluted place, you might need to hit the shower more often to keep your beard looking fresh.

Your day-to-day activities can impact your beard’s needs too. If you’re getting sweaty at the gym or getting dirty outside, it’s cool to wash your beard more often.

Putting It All Together

So, what’s the secret to a clean, happy beard? Every beard is different so check how your beard and skin feel and wash accordingly. And now, let’s break down a quick guide for getting your beard looking and feeling its best.


Lukewarm water is the best to start — hot water can dry out your beard and skin. Give your beard a good rinse, then finish with a splash of cold water to tighten up those pores and freshen up your face.


The best is a beard wash designed for beards like the one from The Beard Struggle — regular shampoo and conditioner can be too harsh on your facial hair. Lather up and give your beard a good scrub.


If you’re feeling fancy, use a clean rag or loofah to gently scrub your beard and the skin underneath. This helps distribute the shampoo and conditioner and stimulates your hair follicles for healthy growth.

Dry Off

Pat your beard dry with a clean towel — no rubbing, that can damage your beard.

Beard Oil

Finish up with some beard oil to replace the natural oils that washing stripped away. Apply a small amount to your face and beard and give it a good massage.

Brush Your Beard

Use a Boar Bristle Beard Brush to spread that oil evenly throughout your beard.

Beard Balm

And if you’re feeling extra fancy, follow up with some beard balm for extra softness and shine.


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