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Show love for your friends and family with these modern plants for gifts in 2021

Thinking of making a meaningful and thoughtful gesture by gifting a long-lasting plant to your loved ones? Enjoy convenient and beautiful plants for gifts for every occasion, whether religious, matrimonial, personal or corporate.

Make every celebration count with bonsai plants for gifts

When you give bonsai trees for gifts you give your loved ones a long-lasting piece of nature to enjoy in their home. They will have a lovely and engaging time connecting with their new houseplant and even forming a bond with them over time. In fact, the bonsai plant will transform their living experience at home and fill their lives with joy and beauty.

Why are bonsai plants such great gifts?

Giving bonsai plants for gifts is a great gesture that shows thought and care for the other person. You are giving them a living gift that will grow and mature with them. In this time, the plant will also offer other natural benefits.

Gift of joy and beauty for your loved ones 

  • Feel the connection with nature: This is important and bonsai plants indoors and outdoors will help your loved ones build and grow a nurturing relationship with a beautiful specimen of nature in their home
  • Beautiful and natural aesthetics: Bonsai plants offer lush greenery, gorgeous and stunning flowers, aromatic fruits and berries and even beautiful leaf arrangements and bark structure for a beautiful gift that your friends or family will love.
  • Soothing and tranquil vibes: Bonsai plants will bring soothing or even spiritual vibes indoors or outdoors. Thus, by gifting them bonsai tree you are giving your loved ones the gift of beauty and joy for their home.
  • Fast and safe home delivery: You can buy any of the bonsai plants online for gift to your loved ones. The plant will be beautifully and safely packaged and delivered straight to their doorstep.

Best bonsai plants for gifts to loved ones

If you are thinking of a meaningful plant to gift to your friend or family, you can choose from different types of bonsai plants online. Each of these plants has a unique appearance and benefits and thus carries a different meaning when used for gifting.

Bonsai plants make great gifts for every occasion – from religious to personal, or even just as a gesture of love and care. But each plant brings different values and thoughts behind it as a gift.

Carmona plant bonsai: For a beautiful and gorgeous gift

The Carmona bonsai tree is a beautiful indoor plant that has it all – from beautiful leaves and a smooth-textured bark, to lovely flowers. You loved ones will certainly appreciate this living replica of nature’s all round beauty given as a special and charming gift.

Money Tree bonsai: For gifting auspicious vibes in a compact form

The Money Tree bonsai plant has a small, compact and shrubby structure that is easy to maintain. Therefore, it makes a great gifting plant. Since it is a bringer of prosperity for the home of the plant owner, you can give the give of fortune coming into the life of your friends or family with the Money Tree plant.

Ficus Tree bonsai: For  sacred gift on spiritual occasions

There are different varieties of Ficus available for gifting. The Rubber Tree plant is a variety of Ficus Tree bonsai, and it cleanses the air indoors of toxins such as toluene and formaldehyde. This brings soothing vibes into the home of your loved ones, helping them live in peace and joy. In fact, other Ficus Tree bonsai varieties such as the Peepal and Indian Banyan Tree are considered popular sacred plants in many cultures across the world.


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