Six Things You Should Never Do With Your Headset

Some habits can affect the life of the device; know what to do to avoid

Today, headphones are indispensable accessories for many people. With frequent use, it is possible that the device fails over time, and many problems can be directly related to some common habits of the user. Therefore, certain changes may be essential to extend the device’s lifespan.

With that in mind, TechTudo gathered six tips of what not to do with the headset. Practices range from how accessories are stored and transported to product maintenance. Here’s how to avoid problems and prolong the life of the device.

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  1. Bundle the cable

This is one of the practices that most damage headphones. It is common for users to pack and store the accessory in their pocket or backpack without due care. In this way, the copper wire inside the cable is more susceptible to cracking, which results in damage to the sound quality or can even make the device unusable. To increase the useful life of the earpiece, it is necessary to wrap it correctly, around your hand and without squeezing it too tightly.

  1. Always listen to music without maximum volume

In addition to being a harmful practice for the user’s hearing, listening to music and Gaming at most can be a problem for the phone itself. Excessively loud volume damages the device’s drivers over time, leading to distortion and loss of audio quality. To avoid it, it is worth reducing the sound to a moderate level, which is enough to listen to songs without taking risks.

Some smartphones with Android system have a function to notify when the volume is too high. In this way, the cell phone gives the user a suggestion not to increase beyond a certain limit.

  1. Keep them dirty

Accumulated dirt can also be responsible for deteriorating headphone performance. Therefore, it is important to clean the device regularly, regardless of accessory model. It is important that cleaning is done carefully, using a soft brush or cloth.

In the case of in-ear headphones, such as silicone parts must be removed and immersed in a container with warm soapy water. You should also pay attention to the model’s IP, a specification that indicates whether or not the device is waterproof. It is also worth avoiding the use of sharp objects, which can damage the drivers.

  1. Pull the cable

This habit is one of the great villains of the good functioning of devices in general. In the case of headphones, the cable is one of the most sensitive parts. Therefore, it is worth taking care when handling the wire. To disconnect, hold the rigid part, which is connected to the smartphone, tablet, computer, among others, and pull appropriately. This way, it is easier to prevent the internal wires from suffering damage – besides not leading to bad contact of the connection with other devices.

  1. Store inappropriately

Another tip to prolong the life of the phone is to keep it in a case, avoiding situations that could damage the object. With the protection, you can prevent the phone from being loose on a table, for example, and a heavy object from being on top of it. To store, serve an old case or box of glasses, as long as the accessory does not stick out.

  1. Expose to sweat and moisture

Exposure to sweat, in addition to dirtying the headphones, can also damage them if they are not waterproof. Moisture can decrease the resistance of the cover that protects the inner wire, for example, causing a loss in the quality of the device. Therefore, it is essential to keep the handset in a dry and clean place at all times, in order to prevent the device from deteriorating. If the user cannot avoid contact with moisture and sweat, it is worth investing in a model that offers certification for resistance to water and dust.


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