Smart Gadgets That’ll Boost Your Home Security

The advent of smart home technology has opened convenient, reliable, and budget-friendly options for people to secure their houses. You no longer need to hire security guards or subscribe to the costly services of traditional home security companies. For a fully functional smart home, all you need is a reliable internet connection such as that offered by Charter Spectrum. And sometimes you don’t even need that. That’s because smart connected devices can be controlled or monitored remotely via other means of connectivity such as Bluetooth. 

Smart gadgets are one-time investments but the benefits they offer are lifelong. Here are some of the best smart home devices that you should consider buying. 

#1. ecobee SmartCamera

 The Canadian home automation company ecobee offers a smart indoor camera through which you can keep an eye on your pets and family while you’re away. It has a 180-degree field of view, auto-pan, built-in smoke alarm as well as zoom capabilities. It also allows you to access a video history of up to 30 days. And the footage produced is high definition regardless of light or dark environments. 

The best feature of ecobee SmartCamera is its motion detector. It detects motion as soon as someone enters its frame and keeps moving along the movements of that person. In case of unwanted/suspicious movement or smoke detection, the device would also send you notifications on your smartphone. 

#2. Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren

The Netatmo smart indoor siren can help keep intruders at bay. Since it has a facial recognition feature, if it sees someone that it can’t recognize, it sounds a 110-decibel alarm and scares them away. The best part about this is that the alarm won’t set off by harmless movements, pets, and family members. 

#3. Kune Light Fixture

If you don’t wish to change your locks but are still interested in enhancing your outdoor security, Kuna’s smart light fixtures are a good option. The sleek and svelte-looking lights might look very simple but at the bottom of each light, there is a hidden HD camera that can catch the burglars when they’re trying to break in. If you find someone suspicious, you can assess them both aurally and visually before deciding to open the door. 

#4. Wyze Cam v3 Outdoor Camera

With this outdoor security camera, you can keep your property safe round the clock. Besides a strong siren to scare intruders, it has features such as smoke alarms, CO2 alerts, and 24/7 recording. It also has IP65 dust and weather resistance rating which means it can deliver regardless of the conditions outside (wind, rain, etc). 

#5. Novi

Besides being a good smoke detector, this home security gadget has several other useful features. These include a 170-degree HD camera, a reliable motion sensor, and a 90d siren to warn intruders. With the Novi app installed on your smartphone, you can get instant notifications if and when something is wrong. 

#6. Haven

The Haven lock is quite different from regular keylock mechanisms. It can be placed at the door’s bottom as a sturdy obstacle for unwanted entry. The device is built with nylon and steel to ensure stiffness and precision. It has a Bluetooth-enabled key fob that is used to unlock and lock the Haven.

#7. LG Smart Security Solution

LG’s security solution is capable of performing multiple tasks. It has a camera, speaker, microphone as well as motion tracker. To set up the camera, all you need to do is download the app from the app store. Place it on a shelf or something that gives a good clear view of your front door. The security gadget lets you have a live view of the camera’s feed (free of cost). However, if you wish to retrieve or store video, you’ll have to subscribe to ADT. 


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