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Social Media Marketing for Amazon Sellers

In the past, big companies didn’t take the digital sphere as seriously as they do now. Companies would rely on traditional advertising methods like billboards, TV, and publications. However, social media marketing is probably the best way to get your name out there. Most people have Facebook or Instagram, and not using these digital spaces is a grave mistake.

When people go online, they almost always go to social media. How widespread is the use of social media? According to Statista, an estimated 2.95 billion people worldwide used social media in 2019, with that figure expected to rise to nearly 3.43 billion by 2023. In the last decade, this figure has more than tripled.

Social Media Marketing for Amazon Sellers

Increasing brand awareness, visibility and connecting with the target market must be the priority of every Amazon seller. And there is no platform that can address that need easily and fast other than social media. For Amazon sellers and brands, social media can serve as a crossroads for all of these elements and more. “However, social media management services are probably the best ways to get your name out there.”

Frequent sharing and advertising in social media encourages customer engagement. You can also create genuine interaction with your audience by providing insider information, such as discount sales, new product launches, and so on. It’s an effective way for users to learn more about your products before purchasing.

To get started on social media marketing for Amazon sellers, consider the following sites for your marketing strategy:


As one of the most popular social media platform, Facebook is the best starting place to market your products.

Using Facebook for your Amazon listings has several benefits:

  1. It has a lot of users and with their business tools, it is easy to run ads to expand your customer reach.
  2. You can look out for new trends and hone in on demographics, such as age, location, and financial level, more likely to convert. You can collect valuable customer information like email addresses.
  3. Reach a larger audience who might not be aware of your products if they were shopping on Amazon.
  4. You can experiment with various factors to see what works best, such as advertorials, creative ads, videos or images that promote your product, different audiences, different types of ads, and so on.
  5. With a Facebook Shop, visitors can be directed to your Amazon listing so they can easily make a purchase

Your marketing strategy should include posting in popular groups on Facebook, running ads, establishing relationships with influencers, increasing engagement, creating custom videos and graphics, Facebook stories, jobs, marketplace, and insights.

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Instagram is a visual platform that requires all posts to be image or video-based. It is trendy among users aged 18 to 29. Instagram can quickly become resource-intensive due to the large number of images required, but ways can streamline content creation.

Here are some additional tips from digital marketing experts to keep in mind when using Instagram to promote your products:

  1. Product photography is a skill you need to learn, or you can hire a professional photographer who knows how to get the lighting, angles, and aesthetics just right for your products.
  2. Check out tools that can help you easily remove the background from your product images.
  3. Make captions for your posts that are interesting, witty, or funny. A good sense of humor can go a long way toward capturing your audience’s attention.
  4. Be as consistent as possible with your Instagram posts and post regularly. You will gain traction as a result of this. If you post infrequently, your audience will lose interest, so post periodically to keep them interested.
  5. Keep your Instagram account open to the public if you’re a brand with a profile. Having a private account will only limit the number of people who can see your content. Some people are unwilling to send a request and wait for you to accept it. When your account is open, it is simply easier for your audience to follow, view, and like your posts. With a public account, there’s also a bigger chance for your images and posts to be seen by others people who are yet to follow you, allowing you to spread your brand message effectively.

It is also important that you include links to your Amazon products in your Instagram posts so you can direct them to your shop listing and make a purchase.

Also consider the following using Instagram stories, Instagram ads, tagging influencers, hashtag research, creating custom videos and graphics, return on engagement, Instagram selling, and Instagram analytics.


Pinterest is also a good way for sharing blog posts effectively. Pinterest hasn’t always been on most people’s social media marketing, but here are some excellent reasons why you consider adding it to their Amazon marketing strategy:

It allows users to discover new and cool images by browsing through friends and acquaintances’ pins, topics of interest, or simply typing in keywords can bring you pictures of what you want. Pinterest is a visual medium, so there is a lot of emphasis on images and products.

Buyable Pins are a unique pin type available on Pinterest’s mobile apps. When a picture has a blue button in the top-right corner that says “Buy it,” it indicates a product that can be purchased. Buyers can easily select a payment method with the click of a button, leading them to their desired item.

Just like with Instagram, you need to develop your photography marketing. If you need a professional photographer to do some of your product photos, go ahead. You can also use tools like Removal.AI to remove bg from your product photos to give them a cleaner look.

Pinterest ads, audience targeting, custom graphics or Pins, keyword targeting, and Pinterest analytics are all available as enhancements.


Tiktok has two types of ads enhancements: videos or images. They can also be categorized as In-Feed Top, View Brand, Takeover Branded, #challenge, and Branded Effects.

In feed ads usually appear while you’re scrolling your FYP (for you page). You’ll get prompted to download an app or visit a website by a call-to-action functionality.

Top View presents your brand while capturing the user’s full attention through sight, sound, and narrative. It’s a full-screen video that lasts about 3-5 seconds. These advertisements are costly and are typical for more well-known brands.

With a full-screen static or dynamic display, Brand Takeover immediately captures user attention and creates a strong visual impact for your brand. These commercials are expensive and typical of more well-known brands.

#challenge is a type of organic marketing that can help put someone to get more viewers- you’ll be pushed to more people. Branded effects, a different kind of organic marketing, add a fun element with custom-made sharable stickers, filters, and special effects.

Whatever ad type you choose, your videos must capture the viewer’s attention within the first 2-3 seconds. They must be high-quality videos with distinctive, creative content and catchy music.

TikTok Ads are also ideal for online marketers who want to reach a large audience in a fun way. Instead of using keywords to target people, you use demographics and audiences. That way, you’re going for upper-funnel shoppers interested in a specific niche and gaining product awareness without generating purchase intent, at least not at that time.


The video platform is YouTube. It’s a great place to share video content if you have a lot of it. It’s always a good idea to create at least ten videos, complete with eye-catching thumbnails and interesting titles, before establishing your channel. This way you can post content in the schedule that you want while focusing on making new videos.

If you’re working on your social media marketing for Amazon, you should ensure that your videos are with Youtube’s algorithm and not against you. Every aspect of your videos, such as the title, description, and keywords, significantly impacts how prominently your video appears in search results. Here are a few methods for optimizing your YouTube videos so that your products can reach a more significant number of people at the right time.

  • Use the right keywords so that users will find your video when searching for them. Play around and experiment with the keywords because your search on YouTube differs slightly from the search you perform on Amazon.
  • YouTube’s most critical factor when determining video quality is user engagement. After they’ve finished watching your video, please encourage them to hit the like button, share it, subscribe to it, or leave a comment. The higher your video’s engagement, the more likely it appears higher in the search results list. Giveaways and contests are the most effective ways to increase audience engagement.

Consider the following enhancements:

  • Creating custom YouTube videos
  • YouTube ads
  • Targeting tools
  • A dedicated brand channel
  • Researching YouTube search trends
  • YouTube analytics


Your Amazon marketing should be what is good for you and your brand. If you sell a specific kind of product (resin products, books, etc), you should work on what makes your products fly off the shelf. If it means concentrating on one social media site, that’s totally okay!

You reading this article is a good sign, you either have ideas and you’re not sure how to implement them properly. You might also have a whole marketing strategy but you need that push to actually go through with them. You may already be employing these social media marketing through the Brand Registry or by running Amazon Ads such as Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products.

An audit of your accounts and content is usually the first step in determining your social media marketing.

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