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Are you on the way to find your favourite skateboard decks? We would like to suggest you some best skate decks and tips on choosing a right skateboard in order to skate comfortably. Go for SkateAdvisors to read more fascinating skateboarding posts. 

In the post, each category will include one best skateboard deck. There are three categories which are: most excellent for kids, most excellent for newbies, most reasonable price. Let’s explore them with us. 

What is a skateboard deck?

Before exploring the best skateboard deck for each category, we will answer the question of what is a skateboard deck. Skateboard deck is one of the main parts of a skateboard which skaters will put their feet on or stand on to skate. 

There are three main types of skateboard deck. They are classic popsicle shape, which is also known as street skateboard deck; modern shaped deck and old school pool or bowl skateboard deck. 

It is crucial to choose the best skate decks as this part will have an impact on your riding performance. Please note that the wider the skateboard deck is, the smoother the riding experience is. A wide skateboard deck is an ideal choice for skating speedily and transitions.

But the narrower the skateboard deck is, the easilier skaters do flippings. Besides, the narrow decks make the skateboard light in weight. This deck is suitable for the newbies as they don’t need to put much energy in the legs to do flippings. However, the downside of a narrow board deck is that skaters can lose their ability to control the board when skating at a high speed. 

Most excellent for children

M Merkapa 22’’ complete skateboard is regarded as a skateboard having the most excellent skateboard deck for children. Looking at the details, the mini size of which is 22 inches helps your kids easily control the board. This length size is completely appropriate for the youth. 

The material that the manufacturer uses to make the skateboard deck is plastic. This material makes the board light in weight. But the deck of M Merkapa 22’’ complete skateboard is strong enough to carry someone or something whose weight is up to 180 pounds. 

With regard to the colors, the manufacturer provides bright color options for kid skaters. They are pink, blue, orange. These colors tend to be loved by children. Moreover, the wheels are equipped with electric light, which makes the skateboard more worthy for purchasing. Specially, these electric lights don’t need to charge as the electricity is generated by your kids’ pushing and kicking when skating. 

Most excellent for newbies

The skateboard deck which is the best for starters is Krowne Rookie complete skateboard 7.5’’. The deck of the skateboard is 7.5-inch in width and 31.5-inch in length. I have to say that the width of the deck is narrow. But it helps the starters control the board easily while doing skating tricks or having a ride. 

Besides, the deck of Krowne Rookie complete skateboard is not heavy at all. It is an ideal gift if you are planning to buy a skateboard for your friend who has just started his or her skateboarding journey. 

Besides, the other parts belonging to Krowne Rookie are awesome as well. The bearings are ABEC 7. The trucks are made of aluminium. The wheels are 992A. These features help skaters have a smooth and comfortable riding experience. 

Most reasonable price
nude boards 775 to 85 skateboard deck

It is not easy to point out a particular skateboard with the most reasonable price for the deck. Therefore, the deck in this category is just a random choice. In general, a skateboard deck with the friendly-budget price and good quality will cost you roughly 30 dollars. 

One of them is Blank Decks Warning skateboard deck, This deck type has one color with blank graphics on the deck. A blank skateboard deck form TGM Skateboard has high quality which are made of hard Canadian maple.

Tips on choosing a right skateboard deck

You need to determine the two indicators which are height and shoe size before selecting a skateboard deck. In regard to shoe size, if you have a big shoe size, you need to opt for a wide skateboard deck. 

With regard to the height size, if you are tall, you need to opt for a long deck. In particular, the deck whose length is higher than 32.5 inches will suit for a skater whose height is above 190 cm. The deck whose length is between 28 inches and 30.5 inches will be appropriate for a skater whose body height is under 140 cm. 

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