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Singapore Pools Vs Offshore Sites

If you’re acquainted with the online wagering scene in Singapore, you will indeed be familiar with the deal of Singapore Pools. This is a government-owned lottery organization and is one of few bookies which is allowed to offer online sports betting. However, several overseas bookies also allow Singaporeans to place wagers which also has numerous benefits to using these offshore sites instead.

For starters, younger punters are limited in their accessibility when using Singapore Pools. Although you may commence wagering in person at the age of 18, you must wait until the age of 21 before you can register an account that allows you to make bets online or over a phone. Most overseas bookmakers, on the other hand, allow bets to be placed as early as the age of 18.

Offerings at overseas betting sites might also benefit you. For example, Singapore Pools provides wagers on football, motorsports, and horse racing, but overseas sites enable betting on a broad variety of sports. In many cases, the odds offered by these non-Singaporean sites are better than those offered by Singapore’s own gaming venues. Foreign operators often offer substantial welcome bonuses as well as other incentives that you can’t benefit from when using the Pools site. These aspects might make betting with international bookmakers more pleasurable and more rewarding for you.

Singapore Gambling Laws

As stated earlier one of the few bookies to be legally run in Singapore is the Singapore Pools. That being said, the law does not prosecute players looking to wager using offshore sites. In fact, there are many offshore sites that allow Singaporeans to wager on sports. This creates its own problem when it comes to looking for a trustworthy sports bookie. Thankfully one can find a guide to choosing the best bookies in SG which covers everything from the gambling laws, most popular sports, bookie reviews, and more. Alternatively, it’s recommended to conduct your own research but this can be time-consuming.

Payment Methods At Offshore Sites

Most of the top international bookies allow you to fund your account in a variety of ways. A handful of these solutions are especially popular.

To start off the list is the usage of online banking. Online bank transfers of Singapore’s major banks are accepted by the majority of betting sites, making it simple to send funds from your bank account to the offshore betting site of choice.

Using an e-wallet is a popular alternative as well. These services enable you to set up an online account where you may store money. The most common of them is Skrill, while others may be offered at select sites. You may deposit funds into your e-wallet in a variety of ways and then use those funds to make deposits at overseas bookmakers or to cash out your winnings.

There are a number of alternatives to the two most common ones. Deposits may be made with a credit card or a debit card at any Singapore betting site. While this is a quick and easy method of making a deposit, not all banks will accept payments for gaming.

Other solutions are common for gamers who don’t have bank accounts or credit cards. You may be able to deposit money using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, for example. Alternatively, you may make deposits using prepaid cards or vouchers that you can acquire from stores either online or in person.

Most Popular Sports in Singapore

While you may select almost any sport for your online betting in Singapore, certain tournaments are certainly more famously used than others. The following are some of the well-liked sports in Singapore.


Football is the most widely watched sport in Singapore, and online betting services are just as popular with football bettors. Betting is typically accessible in the Singapore Premier League (SPL), a plateau of gamblers who prefer placing wagers on significant global competitions around like the English Premier League in the United Kingdom or La Liga in Spain. The amount of money wagered on European soccer’s Champions League and other international events, such as the World Cup.


A longtime favorite in Singapore, the national basketball team has had success in regional tournaments. But at betting sites, you may gamble on big basketball events throughout the globe. That generally implies the NBA in North America like Game 3 of the NBA Finals, however, some bookmakers also provide bets on European and Asian basketball leagues and tournaments.


Singapore as of yet is not a global cricketing force, that being said the sport gained fame in the nation, particularly in regard to matches against neighboring rivals Malaysia. The Indian Premier League and other local competitions, like the Test and One-Day International series, are all available as bets on Singapore betting sites. You may also gamble on significant international events such as the Cricket World Cup.


Singapore’s gambling scene is definitely unique and is looking prosperous for the future.


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