Starting CrossFit? 5 Tips To Support Your Journey

Do you want to develop cardio and muscles? Are you eager to challenge yourself with a whole-body workout? Cross-training gyms do just that: focusing on multiple areas of wellness with intense activities that encourage muscle and aerobic exercise.

CrossFit beginners may feel overwhelmed at first. However, ease those nerves and embrace something new and exciting. Seek success by starting with the right mindset: set goals, know your limitations and prepare for class. The following are five tips to support your fitness journey.

1. Focus on Nutrition and Exercise

It’s hard to outrun the fork. There is a lot of truth to that saying. If you’re hoping to lose weight or bulk up with CrossFit, think about what you eat and how you work out. After all, a poor diet doesn’t lay the proper foundation for an exercise program, nor does it offer critical fuel to support your endeavors.

Make an effort to prioritize both when you start your CrossFit journey. Gym time is fierce. Since Crossfit elevates the heart rate and strengthens muscle, athletes burn calories and push systems to go further. Those organs need fuel supplies to maintain energy levels and strength. Skip the potato chips and large desserts. Eat clean meals, drink plenty of water and support your heart and muscle wellness with a CoQ10 supplement.

2. Attend Class Regularly

You have those days when you don’t feel like going to the gym. Sleeping in sounds phenomenal; you may want to hang out with friends or hit the road for a run. While those activities benefit you personally, they don’t help your CrossFit endeavors.

The program isn’t an overnight body-changer. It requires time and effort. If you want to see progress, go more than every once in a while. Once you decide to do it, commit completely. Find your calendar and set a goal to go a couple of times weekly.

3. Listen to Your Body

Ensure you’re doing the routine correctly and that it’s appropriate for you. Stop and confer with instructors if an exercise makes you feel off or elevates your heart rate too quickly. Are you not feeling great a day or two after a big session? Give yourself rest days. CrossFit is new to you and your body. Allow it to recoup before you head to the gym again. A bit of soreness is okay but consult with the trainers if you feel it too much.

4. Invest in the Right Gear

Like any sport, you need to have the right equipment and tools. Invest in some good workout shoes that have padding and arch support. For instance, do you tend to run? Your running shoes are made to propel you down the street, heading forward. They don’t have the design for moving back and forth or working on the gym’s floors. Get a reliable pair of cross-training shoes and pair them with some comfortable athletic socks.

As you lift weights, joints receive additional pressure. Buy sleeves to slide over the elbows and knees. These support your body’s movements. In addition, have a large water bottle by your side and wear athletic shorts and tops.

5. Journal Your Endeavor

You may not see progress physically right away. That can feel so defeating! Don’t stop yourself short because you likely have improved in so many ways. How can you see changes without relying on the mirror? Maintain positive energy by keeping a log of your activities and successes. How many lifts did you do one day versus the next? How many times did you attend class regularly? Write it all down. Note your measurements, triumphs and goals.

Hit the gym with confidence and a plan. CrossFit offers many benefits to athletes looking to enjoy a full-body workout and try something new. Keep in mind, though, that it’s not an every-once-in-a-while activity. Commit to completely, making an effort to go to class regularly. Log your progress and pay attention to how your body feels.


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