Stay Fit & Forever Young with Exceptionally Beneficial Sidr Honey

The utilization of honey for therapeutic and beauty purposes can be followed to the ancient origin for its wonderful mending properties and disposal of contaminations and sicknesses. Honey is viewed as the sweet golden liquid among our precursors and wellbeing specialists. The forests have created a wide assortment of honey across the globe. Be that as it may, the enchanted advantages and nature of Sidr Honey from Yemen can’t be ignored.

But What Makes Yemeni Sidr Honey So Special ?

Collected by the honey bees who solely feed on the nectar of Sidr tree blossoms, it is the most distinctive type of honey & sacred too. A single drop of Yemeni Sidr honey is a drop of healthiness & pure bliss. Traditional methods used for harvesting Sidr honey assure the perseverance of its significant medicinal properties. Numerous researches also show that the potency of Sidr honey can effectively assist in dealing with digestive tract issues, eye diseases, skin issues, etc. 

Exceptional Flavor & Taste of Sidr Honey –

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The flavor of Yemeni Sidr honey in Dubai, just as its shade & thickness, can shift contingent on the region from which it comes from. It is a thick honey with rich, extravagant, and sweet taste. It has a brilliant light golden tone, which obscures and becomes rosy over the long haul. At the point when new and recently produced, this honey has been depicted as having a similar fragrance to that of the Sidr tree blossoms, in October. 

The best Sidr trees are natural as they grow in wild unblemished and far-off desert spaces of Yemen with no synthetic compounds or medications utilized by the beekeepers to grow them. This honey is poured, unheated, and raw into the jars, safeguarding its essential live supplements that give honey it’s uncommon flavor as well as holds its recuperating properties.

Surprising Health Benefits of Yemeni Sidr Honey from Geohoney :

  • Sinus Problems 

Sidr honey has noteworthy antibacterial action in any event when utilized even in small amounts. Dissolving a little honey in water or nasal saline and giving the nose a rinse is beneficial in giving respiratory diseases a blow. Even when mixed in small quantities with water, Sidr honey assists with battling away the infection and making the inhalation process simpler. It additionally assists with disposing of numerous anti-microbial safe microorganisms with no side effects. Apart from this, when blended in with cinnamon powder, it is valuable in alleviating cough, cold, sinusitis, sinus pressure, and so forth.

  • Digestive Tract Issues 

Sidr honey offers plenty of benefits in treating various digestive tract issues. Including a spoonful of honey in the daily diet prevents acid reflux, soothes upset stomach & bowel lesions, protects & heals ulcers in a natural way. It also works great in avoiding other gastrointestinal disorders also.

  • Natural Immunity Booster 

Sidr honey is extremely rich in powerful antioxidants, which battles free radicals in the cells that trigger infections like cancer, flu, and joint pain. It goes about as a powerful immune booster for all. The honey contains numerous phenolic compounds like flavonoids which stretch out its antioxidant ability to the honey. 

  • Heart Health

Sidr honey brings down terrible cholesterol levels in the blood. It decreases fat accumulation in the heart vessels accordingly forestalling the event of cardiovascular failures. You should simply add honey to your weight control plans and keep up the adaptability of your veins. It benefits blood flow and decreases weariness and loss of breath.

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  • Aphrodisiac

Consuming Sidr honey daily mixed with olive oil, carrot seeds, ginseng or cumin acts as a potent aphrodisiac that boosts natural erection in men. Blending it in moderate quantities with peanuts, cashews, and almonds is also beneficial in getting the desired results. It also assists in the regulation of the menstrual cycle and healthy conception in women. 

  • Cancer

Mixing small quantities of honey with grounded cinnamon and consuming it thrice a day have shown proven results in treating bone cancer. Apart from this, many people have noticed great improvements in curing brain tumors, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, etc. when they consumed honey along with undergoing medical therapies.

  • Weight Loss

It is a potent natural ingredient that helps in weight loss. Being high in calories, Sidr honey is a boon for people who want to lose weight in a short duration. Mixing a spoonful of honey in lemon juice or water and consuming it on the empty stomach in the morning reduces belly fat effectively. 

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  • Beauty Benefits

Apart from the above health benefits, Sidr honey is beneficial for the skin as well. Used in various natural remedies for ages, honey is now a key ingredient in almost all beauty products available in the market. It cures cystic acne and other blemishes along with reducing the aging process of the skin making it look quite younger. 

Sidr honey has a reinforcing impact on most body parts and is properly termed as a natural cure for all types of health problems. Buy the best Sidr honey online and include it in the daily meal plan to experience the real difference in body & skin like never before!

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