Stocks and Shares Explained

We all know the term ‘stocks and shares’, which enables the private investor to purchase shares in companies of their choosing; most companies have an eventual goal to become public, having their shares traded on the ASX. You, or any other adult can purchase shares in any of the listed companies on the ASX and your dividend (the return you get) depends on the performance of the company.

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What is a Stock Exchange?

The Australian Stock Exchange, or ASX as it is known, is a platform where stocks and shares can be bought or sold and this is a very risky investment platform if you don’t have the know-how. There are many variables that can affect all of the industries represented, yet if you want to know what are the highest dividend shares at any given time, talk to a leading Australian managed fund company. Indeed, managed funds are invested in the top performing ASX companies and they are perfect for a beginner, as you have professionals managing the funds.

What Causes Share Prices to Go Up or Down?

There are many external variables that any company would have no control over, while their performance affects their share prices and companies have to issue quarterly reports and that enables potential investors to see how the company is performing. In the event the company had a good quarter, beating their highest profit in a quarter would do wonders for their share pieces. On the other hand, a bad quarterly report would make the share prices go down, which causes the company to lose value and for the shareholders, the dividend would be lower. If you do lose money, you might be able to get some compensation, depending on the circumstances.


Most private investors use brokers when they want to invest, the broker is the person who actually makes the transactions, plus they can be so much more. If, for example, you invested in managed funds, you can enjoy high-yield dividends, as your wealth is being invested by experts. There are other investment platforms, with Forex and gold trading both popular among private investors and with the broker’s help, you follow his advice and he gets a percentage of your profit.

To conclude, stocks and shares are a major investment platform, yet without some expert help, the ASX is full of risk, which is why you should get in touch with a leading Australian managed fund company, one that has impressive performance figures. The fund managers are very experienced and they use state of the art software to analyse the markets and that helps them to decide where to invest and with different types of managed funds, you can choose the one that best meets your investment needs. People who have a good foresight into markets are often able to predict a new and innovative sector and that could be very profitable.

There are a lot of free resources on the Internet that will help you to gain a better understanding of stacks and shares.


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