Strategy for coordinating IMO and board exam preparation for class 10

Math Olympiad and class 10 board exams are rapidly approaching, and students enrolled in IMO are concerned and perplexed about “how to balance” both boards and IMO preparation.

Though math olympiad preparation is similar to board exam preparation in the sense that you only need to do something extra with your syllabus for IMO.

However, it may become difficult to maintain both exams concurrently, and one should strive for common points. So, in this article, we’ll go over how to manage IMO Preparation and board preparation.

You must read the article all the way through.

But, before we go any further, let’s go over some of the most common IMO exam questions.

Should I skip IMO preparation? 


You may find this question unusual, it must have occurred to you during a stressful situation. Because board exams are required for passing class 10, Olympiads are not needed.

However, the Olympiad certificate will benefit you for the rest of your life, and working for IMO will allow you to complete more than half of your board preparation because the questions on IMO are of a higher level than those on the board.

As a result, you should devote equal attention to both papers and strive to achieve high marks in both.

Is IMO tough to crack? 

The most common question that most students have is that IMO is laborious and that we should concentrate on Boards. Yes, IMO is tougher than boards because the level of questions asked in IMO is higher. However, this does not preclude you from cracking them. To do well in IMO, all you need is a good strategy and a lot of hard work.

Will I score fewer marks in board exams due to IMO preparation? 

The IMO question level is higher than that of the boards, and the syllabuses of all exams are roughly similar. So, if you prepare for an IMO paper, you will also be preparing for your board exam. So it is not true that preparing for the Olympiad paper will lower your board exam score.

Let’s discuss the strategy to tackle IMO and board exam together: 

Get knowledge of both exams patterns

The term-1 board exam this year is MCQ-based, similar to the olympiad. As a result, both papers’ preparation becomes a little easier.

You must, however, prepare for a paper by following its format. So, thoroughly understand the pattern of both exams and note the similarities and differences between them. 

Find the syllabus of both papers

However, understanding the syllabus of both exams, as well as their similarities and differences, is essential, just as it is with the exam pattern. Even though the board and Olympiad syllabuses overlap, Level 1 of IMO includes 60% of the current year syllabus and 40% of the previous year’s syllabus.

As a result, it is critical to understand the syllabus for both exams.

Start with common chapters

You now understand both the pattern and the syllabus and can begin studying the common chapters of both exams. Prepare these chapters thoroughly because working on them will strengthen your foundation for both exams.

Understand common chapters such as coordinate geometry, trigonometry, number system, and so on.

Work on basics

The basics are the most significant aspect of getting good grades in any subject. No matter which exam you are preparing for, board or olympiad, thoroughly review your basic concepts and practice several questions from the topic.

Solve sample papers

When preparing for any examination, sample papers or previous year papers are the most effective tool. You can improve your preparation by solving the previous ten years’ papers for both exams. Not only will you become accustomed to writing on paper, but you will also improve your time management skills as a result of completing them.

However, if you find any paper difficult, you can check out its answers despite being stressed or panicked, as you can IMO Sample Paper 1 with Answers For Class 10 for difficult papers.

Practice a variety of questions

Practising a wide range of questions will improve your math efficiency and speed. Solve a variety of questions from both papers based on their difficulty level.

As IMO questions will aid in your board preparation, giving you an advantage over others. Because IMO papers contain more difficult questions than board exams.

Study reasoning differently 

Reasoning questions are included in the International Mathematical Olympiad exam but not in board exams. Also, since reasoning may be new to you, try to understand reasoning questions and solve a variety of problems on topics such as directions, blood relation, seating arrangement, and so on.

And solving reasoning problems is a lot of fun; you’ll never get tired of it. In addition, solving them can serve as a brain exercise before studying.

Believe in yourself

You may have doubts about your abilities due to the hectic schedule of both exams’ preparation. You may believe that you are unable to achieve high marks on boards and in IMO. However, if you work hard and give your all, no one can stop you from succeeding.

Quick tips

  • Make a formula book because formulas are necessary for IMO and boards. As a result, it will be beneficial in both exams.
  • Make your paper-solving strategy for IMO and boards.
  • Solve the sample papers for both exams thoroughly.
  • Maintain a record of your marks for both exams while working on sample papers, and work on your weaker areas.
  • Don’t forget to complete the NCERT, as it is required for both exams.
  • During the preparation period, try not to become tense.
  • Prepare thoroughly for both exams.
  • Never doubt your abilities and always believe in yourself.


Although we acknowledge that preparing for board exams and Olympiads is stressful. However, both exams are important for your future, and you should prepare thoroughly for them. And the above-mentioned tips will assist you in effectively managing the preparation for both exams. As a result, by incorporating these tips into your study plan, you will be able to easily score high marks in both papers.

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