Summer Getaways: Top SUP Destinations in the US

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a great water sport that offers some outstanding fitness benefits while allowing you to experience beautiful outdoor sceneries. There are innumerable reasons to plan a SUP getaway, pack your bags, and head out to experience what SUP has to offer.

Many states in the US offer excellent SUP destinations that won’t disappoint you. Read on to discover some of the top spots you can’t afford to miss on your next summer getaway in the US.

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Glacier Bay, also known as Bear Glacier Lagoon, is a scenic SUP destination in Alaska beautified by impressive glaciers and icebergs. Traveling to this spot can be a little bit challenging since you’ll either need to board a ferry, take a helicopter, or jet boat, but the struggle is worth it. Glacier Bay has an average of 86 days with clear water, and motor vehicles are allowed in this spot.

This SUP destination is full of amazing wonders and sights. Besides fishing, you’ll also get an opportunity to see various wildlife like humpback whales, harbor seals, and wild bears. However, you should bring your swimsuit and best cold-weather gear to explore this super-freezing area comfortably. Additionally, you’ll also need to come with your SUP board since Glacier Bay doesn’t offer SUP rentals.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California

Lake Tahoe is a popular SUP destination in the US, with the clearest waters surrounded by breathtaking mountainous backdrops. It’s also one of the deepest and largest alpine lakes in the world. It’s located on the California-Nevada border, just a short drive from Sacramento and Reno.

With over 190 square miles of crystal clear waters, you can be sure of seeing something new while paddling at Lake Tahoe. In addition, you’ll need to dress warmly when visiting Lake Tahoe, given how cold the temperatures are, with certain parts getting frozen, especially during winter.

If you need a family-friendly SUP spot in the US and don’t mind cold weather, Lake Tahoe is the right place. SUP board rent option is available, and motor vehicles are allowed at this scenic SUP destination. Bring your pup, but remember to buy a PFD for your dog!

Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah

If you want to experience something magical like SUPing through breathtaking canyons and red rocks, Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah is the place to be. This scenic SUP spot is 250 square miles (over 160,000 square acres) of desert bliss and has the most extensive shoreline on the North American west coast.

Lake Powell is an excellent option if you’re looking to get enough sun to work on your tan as you enjoy paddling. The warm and friendly waters in this lake are also great for swimming once you’ve paddled enough and need to cool off. Additionally, the paddling space around the many canyon slots will give you privacy allowing you to glide without dealing with other disruptive boaters.

This lake has an average of 264 clear days throughout the year, there are SUP gear rentals, and motor vehicles are allowed. This is simply the best SUP spot to experience the majesty of hitting the water in the desert and the fun of paddling through canyons.

Hoover Dam, Nevada

Summer Getawaya

Hoover Dam is an excellent spot for SUP and one of the popular tourist attractions in the US. The deep but calm waters are perfect for SUP yoga, with many paddleboard yogis ready to help you get the most from SUP yoga. It’s pretty easy to drive to Hoover Dam, and if you’re flying from outside Nevada, you’ll have a 45-minute drive after your plane lands in Las Vegas.

Here you’ll explore the famous Grand Canyon by either going on a guided SUP tour or heading out by yourself down the reservoir to the Colorado River and calm south cove. Hoover Dam has an average of 260 clear weather days, motor vehicles are allowed, and paddleboard rentals are available. So if Hoover Dam is on your bucket list, make a SUP trip out of it for a memorable paddling experience.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

If still water, rocky mountains, and wildlife excite you, then Grand Teton is your perfect SUP destination. With this SUP spot, you can paddle all year round and still fail to discover half of what this scenic place has to offer. It has over 100 lakes that are easily accessible by SUP board, each providing a unique experience.

Jackson Lake is the best place to do windsurfing with your paddleboard, while Emma Matilda Lake and Two Ocean lake are great for SUP yoga. If you want to explore beautiful scenery barely touched by civilization, Phelps, Taggart, and Bradley lakes are the best recommendations.

Colter Bay and Half Moon Bay are the right places to be if you visit Grand Teton National Park without bringing your equipment. They offer great SUP rental options.

Bottom Line

There are thousands of SUP destinations in the US, but this article provides you with a list of the top 5 spots to have the most energetic paddling experience. Maximize your SUPing experience by visiting one of the above locations on your next summer getaway.


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