Sundarbans re-opened for tourists, mask-sanitiser mandatory and Keep those with you at camping.

The Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, was reopened to tourists today after being closed for seven-and-a-half months due to the coronavirus epidemic. On Sunday (November 1) at 8:30 am, a launch named ‘Alor Kol’ left Mongla with eight passengers on its way to Katkar. They will stay in the Sundarbans till November 4. Earlier, the launch had received permission from the forest department. According to Abdullah Al Mamun of tour operator Bangladesh Expeditions, the Alor Cole launch capacity is six people. So it took no more than eight tourists.

In the event of an epidemic, tourist will be able to visit the Sundarbans.

The launch will travel to Karamjal, Herbaria, Katka and Kachikhali. “The Sundarbans has been opened for travel. From first January 2021, tourists will be able to enter the forest. We informed about this in a meeting with the tour operators on October 29. However, it will not be allowed to carry more than 50 passengers on a ship. Tourist could travel to the Sundarbans again on five conditions. These are-

  1. No trawler can carry more than 20 tourists.
  2. Tourists cannot take any product other than food.
  3. Tourists must wear masks on every trawler and ship.
  4. Hand sanitisers and waste disposal baskets are a must.
  5. Playing mic or soundbox on any trawler or ship is prohibited.

Sundarbans re opened for tourists mask sanitiser mandatory and Keep those with you at camping.

Tour operators were spared as the Sundarbans travel was open. He hopes that the Sundarbans travel activities will be accelerated gradually following the hygiene rules.

Keep those with you at camping.

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