Techniques To Earn Extra Cash Playing P2E Blockchain Games 

Play to earn Blockchain gaming sector is increasing massively. It has turned into a $300 billion global sector because players enjoy playing their favorite titles. This was once a leisure activity or hobby, which transformed into earning passive income, besides their regular job salary every month.

There is an increasing number of websites and platforms available to play real-money games. Each one offers a variety of features and means to earn while playing the game. A decade ago, playing games to earn money was a myth but today it is a genuine income source. Beginners can visit to learn the skills of playing P2E games. It is a platform that offers advice on how to choose games as well as what strategies to apply and maximize your chances to earn more.

Just play

Just dive into a preferred blockchain game and have fun. You will unlock the next levels and earn in-game crypto coins down the road. The main thing you need to remember is to enjoy playing and have fun. It means you will not be pressurized or realize it as a task. This is an advantageous approach, which you will practice and attain high-paying opportunities very soon.

Participate in tournaments

Now, that you are enjoying the game and have gained better skills playing an ideal game then it is time to look for tournaments and competitions. Some events are small and informal but there are huge international events that offer great prizes. You can even look out for in-game battles and tournaments, which allows getting more lucrative opportunities after a given level.

Create your character

The more you spend time playing a game the more your character gets developed and the more earning opportunities come your way. For example, an established character gets the chance to participate in high-stake battles. It is a time-consuming process but there is a shortcut. You can borrow valuable NFTs in exchange for the proportion of revenue you will generate using them.

Lend or Sell NFTs

Dedicated players develop characters that are represented on NFTs and it becomes valuable. They gain the option to lend and receive passive income. They are also called ‘Scholarship Providers’. Even if you don’t play the game, it is a good way of asset monetization. There is no need to transfer asset ownership to some other blockchain wallet.

You can even sell your valuable character on the secondary market. The majority of P2E games have their user databases, where NFT is traded. It is an easy way of converting an unnecessary asset into cash or to buy other NFTS or hold as crypto.

Live stream

Building an audience is hard but for an established Twitch or similar platforms, players can grab opportunities to earn. It is not wrong to leverage your current followers and help them get educated about the best P2E games.

Participate in the development process

Some developers need skilled players for review. Developers have to refine the game before launching. If you have graphic design skills besides playing then you can contribute directly in the early development stage. Blockchain games are crowdfunded, so there is massive social media or other communities involved in several ways. Talk to the team and get involved.


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