The 5 Worst Trees/Plants in Australia That Can Damage Your Plumbing

Your plumbing is one of the most sensitive areas of your house, and you need to care for it. Part of caring for your plumbing is ensuring you have suitable trees planted around the house. When you’re in Australia, you need to get the right ones. Some trees will thrive around your home without their roots digging deep into your plumbing, while others can be a major headache for property owners. When roots damage your pipes, you will be forced to call in a qualified plumber to assess the problem and fix the leak. However, you can avoid calling a plumber by following some of these simple tips on plant placement, and keeping them away from your home. Here, we will talk about some of the most destructive plants and trees Australians can have on their property.

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Coral Trees

Coral trees are one of the most destructive trees in Australia. When looking at this plant, it isn’t just about the leaves they can drop into your gutter system; you also need to look at the roots here. The roots are way too big and will stretch to the plumbing when you have them around the house. Of course, if they are planted and growing far enough from the home, damaging your plumbing shouldn’t be a concern. But, generally, you want to avoid having the plant around your house.


If you want to avoid damage to your plumbing in Australia, you want to avoid this plant. Here, you will not only have to worry about the leaves alone; you also need to look at the roots. These roots can dig deep and eventually damage your plumbing.

Pine Trees

Pine trees are some of the less invasive trees you can plant around your house. But that doesn’t mean the tree should be right on top of the house. You want to have trees as far away from the drains and plumbing as possible as they can destroy the whole system. The problem with any plant life in Australia is that the roots will hunt for water. Your plumbing is the best source for water, and that is what draws the roots to them. This is especially a problem if there is already a leak. This will destroy the whole system as they aren’t supposed to be around the plumbing.


Elms are another plant you want to avoid around the house as they too are a danger to the plumbing. The plants will shed most of their leaves, which will block the drains and rain gutters around the house if not cleaned out early. They can also destroy other areas around the house, not just plumbing and drainage systems.

Large Gum Trees

As the name would suggest, large gum trees are large and aren’t great to have around the house. The roots will try to get to the water source regardless of where it is. Your drains and plumbing are some of the best places to get water, and they will try to reach them. When the roots get to the water source, they will destroy everything in its path.

Plant Your Trees Away From Your Home

Trees and large plant life should be planted away from your house – you should grow them about 3 meters away. When planted up against the house, most of them will destroy your plumbing in their search for water as they need to be watered.

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