The beauty of the hills of Rangamati is crowded with tourists.

Rangamati is now crowded with thousands of people who love to travel. People of all ages are enjoying the fantastic natural beauty. Hanging bridges, Subalang waterfalls, Powell Park under the district police supervision, Aranyak Happy Island under the army’s supervision, Kaptai lake and various tourist centres, including Sajek, have become prominent. Most of the hotels and motels in the city have room bookings. During the holidays, 20,000 tourists used to gather in this hilly town under normal circumstances. That number has dropped due to the outbreak of Covid-19. However, the picture is slowly becoming promising again. Tourists visiting Rangamati are fascinated by the immense beauty of this place.

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Waves of people on Cox’s Bazar beach: No room, spending the night in the dunes

The beauty of the hills of Rangamati is crowded with tourists.

at midnight, the tourists were gurgling in the middle of the beach. Cox’s Bazar beach has witnessed a massive influx of tourists on the occasion of the fantastic International Mother Language Day and the three-day weekly holiday. All the rooms in the hotels are booked in advance due to the sudden influx of tourists. The rest were forced to spend the night on the beach dunes and the bus. At this opportunity, a cycle of dishonest business has descended. Some are earning extra money by renting a room in a house near the beach. However, Tourist police claim they are providing security at the beach at night and are working to prevent other problems. A large number of tourists have flocked to Cox’s Bazar since last Thursday. On this day and Friday, more than 400 hotels and motels in Cox’s Bazar were so full that they could not find the room even at high prices. Most of the tourists are forced to spend the night in the dunes of the beach. Again, those who have reserved the bus and come to travel have spent the night inside the bus.

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