The beginner’s guide to role-playing: how to selectively fantasize — and actually live it up

In case you’re looking for something to do in the bedroom, a combination of fantasy and an exuberant imagination may be just what you need. Role-playing, in which partners get previously unknown images to fulfill their own whims, is not just a “sexy assistant and evil boss” plan.

Role-playing can take many forms, and it can embody values and aspirations that are just the opposite of what you are proud of in real life. Often the most appealing characters are the ones who fit our reality the least. If you have many responsibilities at work or at home, you will be happy to indulge in a submissive role. If you spend most of your day satisfying the needs of others, a selfie can be the perfect escape from reality.



Role-play and sexy role-playing lingerie are great ways to satisfy your deepest desires while exploring forbidden topics, and they can help you have fun and loving interactions with your partner as they need deep communication. Even the greatest actors or lovers of stories often feel awkward or even silly when they first try to play a particular role. While sexual role-playing games do not necessarily have to involve costumes and props, they can certainly be present. If you’re interested in role-playing, from the types of roles you can try to the sexual positions you might want to apply, we’re here to help you along the way with the opinions of sex experts.



Explore your fantasy

Explore and gather every erotic idea you’ve ever had, and afterward, get your act together and show your partner or partner that the possibilities for role-playing are endless.  Some common roles include escort, sportswoman, cheerleader, policeman, teacher, doctor, salesman, stripper and dominatrix. Scenarios may include romantic relationships, casual relationships, threesomes, hitchhiking, reward and punishment, photo shoots, travel, humiliation, teasing, dominance and submission.


Don’t stick to general ideas. Pizza chefs and French maids may be hot scenes, but push your boundaries and live out your true fantasies. Be sure to discuss your needs and boundaries beforehand and come up with a stop word or signal to use if at any point you feel uncomfortable. This precaution will signal your lover to stop immediately and check on you.


Discuss your boundaries

Whatever role you choose, discuss it with your lover/lover beforehand so you can agree on boundaries and avoid making mistakes if necessary. If there are words, scenarios or phrases that make you uncomfortable, talk about them ahead of time.

If you’re feeling a little self-conscious, we recommend dimming the lights and waiting until you’re really turned on before moving on to character-it can help ease your tense state. Dressing up and using an alias can also help you relax. As you get more into the role, it will feel more natural and you can focus on having fun rather than staying in character.


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