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The Best 5 Way of Couch Cleaning

Couch is one of the most beautiful and comfortable pieces of furniture’s we have at home. This will become an important companion in making our free time relaxing and enjoyable. But not only that, the couch could also be a good place for us to take a nap or watch TV together with our family or friends during leisure time. However, many people are reluctant to use the couch because there are lots of dusts accumulated which can’t be seen by eye but it can cause allergies if not cleaned properly. To clean this type of furniture, it requires very special approach so that the final result won’t damage its beauty anymore. Here are some ways for Couch Cleaning Adelaide

1) The First Way – Vacuum Cleaning

As much as we love this type of furniture in our home, we should know and understand that it is not a magic stuff. It can be easily damaged if we use the wrong method in cleaning it. By using vacuum cleaner, you could clean the couch from dust but when it comes to stubborn stains like oil or bad smell caused by sweat; the result will never satisfy you.

2) The Second Way – Cleaning With Soap and Water

For those who want their couch to look fresh again, you may opt for this way because it’s easier than doing any other methods. Applying soap and water will help remove dirt and germs caused by dusts or sweat accumulated on the surface of your couch. But still there are lots of potential problems that might appear while doing this. Applying soap and water only on some parts of the couch will not ensure that your whole piece of furniture will look sparkling clean because you can’t see the back part carefully.

3) The Third Way – Using Alcohol

If you are looking for a new way to clean your couch, this may one of the best options you could find so far. But do remember that this is not recommended for leather couches or any types of upholstery which are sensitive to alcohol since it can cause irreversible damage. When using this method, you will need first to vacuum out all dusts and dirt on your furniture then use cotton balls dipped in alcohol to wipe away stains like coffee or oil easily.

4) The Forth Way – Using Steam Cleaner

This is a very effective way to make your couch free from dirt and germ. All you need is a steam cleaner and some detergents mixed with water. Use the steam cleaner to clean all parts of your furniture carefully then apply detergent directly on stained area to remove any dirt inside. In this case, you can choose whether to use dry or wet method depends on your own preference since both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

5) The Last Way – Using Baking Soda Paste

The last but not least, applying baking soda paste which contains lots of minerals will help removing stubborn stains like coffee easily because it has high pH value which could neutralize acidity caused these kinds of drinks. Also, baking soda paste could help in neutralizing odors that may accumulate under the cushions which is not easy to be cleaned. You could try these ways above one by one or you can use them altogether at once but make sure to do it carefully and patiently because any mistakes will damage your beautiful couch instead of giving you beauty and comfort again.

Hire Professional Couch Cleaning Services

Couches are mostly set in the drawing rooms to enhance its look. But with time it gets stained, soiled and dirty that may spoil not only its beauty but also your health. Experts always suggest hiring professional Couch Cleaning Canberra services which will help you maintain your hygiene at home. Experts recommend you keep your furniture neat and clean regularly. Professional cleaners use gentle yet effective upholstery cleaning techniques for saving your expensive furniture from damage. The following are some of the benefits of hiring professional couch cleaning service:

1) They can restore back the original freshness of couches by removing damaging dirt particles, dust particles and other contaminants like germs, fungi etcetera.

2) They utilize Eco-friendly chemicals for couch cleaning that leave nothing behind but a new, fresh and absolutely charming look.

3) They have trained staff to handle your expensive furniture with extreme care so as not to cause any damage.

4) They deliver before time services without charging extra money from you.


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