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The Best Baccarat Strategies for Live Dealer Casino

Baccarat is one of those casino games that have been around for centuries. When we got into the internet revolution, it was among the first games to come to online casinos, thanks to its huge user base. Till today, baccarat is still among the most played live casino games in Singapore and is available on all the top-rated casinos.

The main goal with baccarat is to get to bet on a hand with cards that are closest to 9 after all the rules and conditions are implemented. One thing you need to remember is that baccarat is a game that largely relies on luck but also involves some element of skill. This article will discuss some of the best strategies that will help you get the best experience while playing this game at me88 casino. Let’s dive in!

  1. Learn the rules first

One of the first things you need to understand are the rules of the game. When you have a good understanding of the rules, it becomes much easier for you to make decisions from n informed position. The good news is that baccarat has simple rules that you can understand within just a few minutes before you get started playing.

The same rules that apply to the baccarat that you play at land-based casinos also apply to baccarat at live dealer casino. Some of the major rules for playing this game include the following;

  • Both the player and the banker must stand if their hand totals eight or nine.
  • Another card is given out if the player’s total is five or fewer. Because if they don’t, they’ll have to stand.
  • Whenever a player chooses to stand on a hand with a total of 5 or less, the banker will automatically hit.
  •  Finally, there is the possibility of a tie, which pays out 8-to-1. You may keep track of your score using the papers provided at the table.

These rules also apply to all variants of the game. There might be some minor adjustments in some variants, so take time and go through all the rules for the specific variant you intend to play to avoid messing up. 

  1. Never bet on a tie

As we earlier shared, the objective of this game is to bet on a hand that you think will have cards that are closest to 9. It is possible to wager on the banker, the player, or a tie. However, the probability of all these occurrences clearly shows that betting on a tie is a huge gamble that we do not recommend anyone to try out. Read more the live casino and what need to know in our gameplay tips at our site here.

The probability for each of the three betting options you have is as follows;

  • Banker – 45.84%
  • Player – 44.61%
  • Tie – 9.45%

So, you will likely have more chances of winning when you bet on the banker or player than going for a tie. Since a tie has the least chances of occurring, it is usually given bigger odds, so it is a gamble that you may take once in a while, especially if you have been winning in your previous bets. However, we don’t recommend betting on ties in your very first rounds of betting because your chances of winning that bet are extremely slim.

  1. Don’t take losses too personal.

Since baccarat is mainly a game of chance, it is always best to have an open mind before you start playing this game. If you lose, take it politely and move on to the next round or take a break. Trying to chase your losses with the aim of recovering the money will only lead you to make further losses.

But even on those good days when you are winning more often, it is best to limit your excitement because you may end up betting all the money that you have just won. So, keep your emotions out of this game. Simply play it to have fun and not as a source of income.

  1. Know when to walk away

One of the major decisions you will ever make in your gambling journey is walking away when it is the right time to do so. That is why it is best to set a limit of the maximum amount of money that you can bet every time you log in to an live dealer casino website to play games. When you’ve reached this point, it’s better to just walk away, regardless of whether you’ve won or lost.

If you lack the discipline of walking away whenever you reach your limit, always deposit the exact amount of money you intend to bet on each day. Log out and wait till the next day if the task is completed. This kind of discipline will allow you to play longer and also enjoy the games without affecting your personal finances. While deciding on this limit, it is best to set one within the amount of money you can afford to lose in that period.

  1. Card counting is not worth it.

Card counting is one of the commonly used strategies at land-based casinos while playing card games. However, this strategy may not yield the best result when applied to live dealer casino games. Online casinos don’t allow card counting since the decks are shuffled once each hand is completed.

But even at land-based casinos, using this strategy is not worth it because it usually takes much time to learn. However, the returns you will get are not equivalent to the efforts you put in while trying to master this strategy.

Final thoughts

Baccarat is still among the most popular games that many live dealer casino players love to play. Applying the five strategies we have just shared will help you get the best experience and even win more often while playing this game. So, the next time you log in to an live dealer casino to play Baccarat, make sure to implement these strategies for the best experience.






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