The Best Health & Fitness Products for Spring 2021

Are you a fitness enthusiast looking to revamp your collection of health and fitness products this upcoming spring? While you may already have your favorite set of yoga pants, some dumbbells at home and a Sixthreezero women’s bike, this spring has seen the rise in popularity of some unique fitness trends that could help you reach your healthiest, most active self yet. Whether you prefer jumping on your women’s beach cruiser for a workout or you enjoy attending group classes at the local gym, there are some up-and-coming products that could help take your workout to the next level.

Complete Workout Kits for Your Newly Upgraded Home Gym

Home gyms became increasingly popular in 2020, and that trend appears to be continuing as spring 2021 approaches. If you’ve decided you want to get on the home gym bandwagon and upgrade a space in your house for at-home fitness sessions, you might benefit from getting a complete workout kit. These kits come with several key pieces that could outfit any room to act as a personalized gym space. Depending on the kit you purchase, these pieces could include:

  • Resistance bands for full-body workouts
  • Small free weights
  • Advanced treadmills or ellipticals that come with fitness subscriptions
  • Yoga mats and balance balls

Modern Bikes Perfect for Rides Through Town or on the Beach

As the warmer spring weather approaches, nothing beats a comfortable women’s bike that you can use to take rides through town, on the beach on in nature. Biking is the ideal form of exercise for pleasant days, allowing you to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air while squeezing in a rigorous workout at the same time. You can even take the whole family along on a bike trip to exercise while getting in some quality time!

Wearable Wrist Trackers To Help You Record Your Fitness Stats

Tired of guessing at whether you’ve been making progress in your last few workouts? A wearable wrist tracker could help you keep track of and record your fitness stats so you won’t have to wonder. Depending on which tracker you get, you could record important numbers like your heart rate, your steps per day and even your speed. Additionally, some of these trackers double as timers, so you can help set goals for yourself during sprints, jogs and more.

Breathable Sports Masks With Built-In SPF Protection

Finally, it goes without saying that if you want to work out safely alongside others, it’s best to wear a mask. However, many face masks are difficult to breathe through during tough workouts. To address this issue, specially designed sports masks have started to appear on the market. These masks are not only stretchy, breathable and designed for your workout time, but may also come with built-in SPF protection as well!

This spring, you don’t have to stick to the same tired old workout. You can switch things up with these exciting new health and fitness products that can bring your exercise routine to a whole new level. Try one of these trending items in spring 2021 for an exciting and fulfilling workout!


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