The Best Jewelry Trends to Try This Summer

Summer is a season to flaunt your outfits with a bang of bling, wear light stuff with pastel hues, pick different cuts and designs that’ll make you look awesome. It’s all about having fun, embellishing with bold statement jewelry and accessories to show off. This season is best to get ready, party hard and wear beach two pieces with some epic jewelry pieces to enhance your body perfectly. 

The significance of these metal pieces when following new trends is just amazing and eye-catching. Every season brings new bursting trends and styles that make their way from runways to fashion magazines, designer houses to the models carrying them with grace.

Jewelry adds the right amount of electrifying element of glitz, bling and pop of colors to your look. Beautiful small gold hoop earrings are evergreen fashion earnings, one always wants to wear them with any attire. You can also wear layered chains and rings along with ear cuffs to make yourself prominent and noticeable. 

Pair them with most essential accessories like handbags and shoes to complete your overall look and bring that charm in you, exquisitely. There’re many jewelry pieces that’re commonly in use but if selected and worn correctly would give you that X- factor and yes, all eyes on you! Here we’ve drilled down some exclusive pieces like chain anklets from MISS LOLA’S site that’re essentials and you must shop them without thinking twice, so let’s see what they’ve:


This is an out-class design of small gold hoop earrings which are stone studded, in a very decent size which is wearable by almost every age group and in any up-coming occasion you like. This chicest piece is also one of my favorites because I can wear them with any outfit I like. The shape of these earnings compliments your jaw and cheekbones, drawing more attention to your face. It has a measurement of 1.5 L x 1.5 H which is graceful and nice. It has an easy and safe closure for closing and opening the earnings.


It’s a set of seven-piece rings that’s non-identical which means every ring is unique and different from one another. These rings come in two different sizes so that you can wear them separately in each finger, or stack them beautifully in one single finger too. you can even gift two to three pieces to your siblings or best friend too, the choice is all yours. 

Stacking the rings is a funky way of expressing your style and looks. They’re basically in gold tones, with some white and stone accents which are making them look absolutely gorgeous. The best part is that you can have these seven rings at a pretty economical price, which is very cool.


Summer is the season in which you can expose your body and can embellish it with different jewelry pieces to look amazing and sexy. If you have an hourglass body shape with a perfect belly to flaunt, these layered belly chains are made for you. The easy-to-throw-on accessory will look awesome with crop tops, bold blouses, and swimsuits. 

All these chains have flexible measurements that can fit as per requirement and also they lock separately so you can adjust layers as well. Every chain has a lobster closure which is considered best and safest. So don’t hesitate to buy one for yourself in this season.


Wearing different style and shape chains together create a pretty charming and stunning look when paired with a long V neck or even with any simple, basic tee in one tone. These layered chains have an ability to draw attention at first glance. 

This particular piece is in a three-chain necklace with a bold, golden link chain, paired with another sleek chain with very small links, and a long chain with a stunning pendant to complete the layers. It has adjustable lengths with separate lobster closure locks to wear them easily. The chains are different from each other, giving you a more decorated look than ever.


This differently textured pair of earnings in glitzing gold color are best for any party and night event. It’ll bring a great charm and element of fancy to your face and attire, even a minimalist dress with these earnings can give you a subtle sparkle. 

These dangle earnings are a must buy for any woman, as golden color is really in fashion and they’ve perfect length, bringing out the wow factor from inside you. They’re quite affordable and pocket friendly too.


Summer is all about light colors with pastel tones that can be best complemented with gold and pearls. They both can give you an elegant look with these subtle shiny pieces. These vertical length earnings are studded with imitation pearls which gives you the feel of real, organic pearls but they aren’t. 

Real pearls are expensive and out of reach for many people, so this dupe is best and comes at a very good pocket-friendly price. Their measurements are 0.45” L x 4” H, which makes them sleek, nice and charming.


 This statement DIOR’S links cuff chain anklets in golden color are perfect to give great embellishment to your feet and ankles. Anklets have a long history that’re always in fashion and also used in many cultures as an old tradition. 

These larger-than-life links are pretty much in fashion, the oversized is the look of this summer season, adding bold statement pieces that can integrate your heels and outfits too. It has an adjustable length of 8.5”x11” with a lobster closure lock, so buy them quickly.

Ending Lines

Summer is all about revealing yourself with some style, colors and exquisite pieces of jewelry that can flaunt you beautifully. Layering the metal pieces exclusively, can make you look trendiest in all. though there are some essential ornaments that’re always in fashion, no matter what season it is. Jewelry is a must for every woman, even men like to wear some of them.


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