The best Robert Pattinson films ever

Fans may have recognized Robert Pattinson best as Edward Cullen, the vampire from the Twilight movies, for more than ten years. However, since he initially became a box office hit as a co-star in that series, he has utilized his star power to scoring fascinating roles in edgy, tough indie films.

In Matt Reeves’ brilliant, gritty portrayal of the Caped Crusader as a burgeoning vigilante seeking the Riddler while learning to shift from a symbol of terror to a beacon of hope, Batman is not just any, but a well-liked Batman. We rated Pattinson’s finest films, from the Twilight haze to playing one of the darkest interpretations of the Dark Knight ever. Pattinson’s future includes a new smash franchise.

Twilight (2008) 

Although Pattinson’s Twilight series portrayal is undeniably clichéd, the complexity of this film series makes the part, if not excellent, at least bearable. The piece itself is dull because there isn’t much to work with. On paper, Cullen doesn’t seem like a very complex character.

Additionally, Pattinson played this position extremely early in his career. The complexity of the film series would elevate this part beyond others, even if he weren’t going to win any awards for it.

Tenet (2020) 

One of Pattinson’s more baffling recent roles is Neil. This is not to imply that he didn’t fit the character well; rather, it is difficult for the audience to understand how he was supposed to act. Throughout the entire movie, the spectator wonders if Neil is a trustworthy individual. Even though Neil is ultimately dependable and trustworthy, it takes a lot for the viewer to properly understand him, given his clever and devious personality. The connection between Neil and the unidentified protagonist (John David Washington) is fascinating and entertaining because of Pattinson’s portrayal of it.

High Life (2018)

Claire Denis directed Robert Pattinson’s third A24 picture, a renowned sci-fi thriller about inmates being taken to the furthest reaches of space, nearing a black hole, and subjected to scientific research.

Pattinson’s performance was praised for its brooding brilliance and great physical elegance yet again.

The Lighthouse (2019)

The Witch, Robert Eggers’ follow-up to his excellent debut, was a dismal surreal two-man performance featuring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as two lighthouse keepers isolated on their island by a storm And spiraling into madness. This Lighthouse Film analysis reveals that it is a horror, thriller, comedy, and maritime mystery all rolled into one. This riveting, lean narrative is accessible to numerous interpretations, anchored by two protagonists who provide wickedly fascinating performances.

The Batman (2022)

Another character that is well ingrained in popular culture and makes viewers nostalgic is this one. This part is excellent for many reasons just because of the nostalgia, but Pattinson’s portrayal is so convincing that the film is improved. Pattinson’s performance elevates the movie from just another superhero film to a somewhat credible action drama.

Cosmopolis (2012) 

Robert Pattinson busts his image as a steely sex icon in David Cronenberg’s rough and twisted drama about a young millionaire who traverses New York City in his top-of-the-line limousine and for one-day Spirals recklessly into self-destruction. Pattinson’s portrayal of a bright, tormented playboy in Cronenberg’s film is an intriguingly savage satire of difficult business.

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