The Best Sites To Get A Career In Kuwait

All people around the world want to have a comfortable and perfect life. We are dreaming about an ideal lifestyle, in which our dreams come true. But, if it will be so easy… We have to pay taxes, accounts, and various clothes are wanted to be bought and, especially, things for our home; also we should buy interesting trinkets for our kids, and entertainment for them exist included in this list. According to this, our money has “flown away”, and we cannot even expand our earnings on ourselves. Or have we? Let’s see.

What is the way out of this situation?

There is no better departure from it than finding a new job. It is a very different and thoughtful decision. But it is the perfect variant for almost everybody. Changing your occupation is worth it. Changing your job is usually changing your place, saying “goodbye” to your relatives, and plans for your lovely hometown. As a result, we are scared of it. But this is a perfect variant of our fear. It is an online work. Find a job abroad isn’t so difficult if you are looking for it in Kuwait.

How to make the right decision?

According to a Boston Consulting Group study, Kuwait is the 28th most observed country to pursue careers in the world. Attractive salary packages, tax-free income, and a luxurious lifestyle are key factors that have led to an influx of over 10 million expatriates in the Desert Kingdom.

Searching for vacancies in this country may seem to be very stressful, but with the right resources and data, it can become easier than you may think. Lots of local, as well as global, resources for searching for jobs operate in Kuwait, which could be utilized to reach the perfect employer for us.

How to get payment from these websites?

A lot of job search websites are completely free to browse. Typically, they let users open an account using their email address or social media, then prompt them to make a profile and upload documents like their resume. To find suitable offers, you just have to type in the job role you are looking for and the location in the website’s search engine. Many job sites also send notifications whenever they find relevant positions that match your previous job searches.


After finding a job, the website will either allow you to apply to the vacancy directly or redirect you to the company’s website for application. Once you’ve submitted an application you send, the hiring decision-maker will check on your account and will contact you if they are interested. Some platforms, like LinkedIn, let prospective employers reach out to candidates even if they haven’t applied for a position.

Here are listed the top vacancies search sites in Kuwait:

1. Expatriates

Expatriates is a free classified website, which is created for the expatriate community.

The website receives approximately over 2 million monthly visits from users, based in Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Bahrain, and so on. It is the best variant for people, who are looking for money and advertisements. Because this website has an advertisement category, where all of us can place job postings at no cost. It is really popular, especially in blue-collar jobs in the Gulf region. Many of the positions are based out of Jeddah and Riyadh.

2. Guff talent

This website was opened for job hunters in 2015. And nowadays it is a leader in the online recruitment landscape in the Middle East.

Candidates are coming to this online page every day and even every hour. It is incredible. Around 60000 (with plus) candidates are contacted by recruiters every month through the website. There are over 1000 job vacancies. It means that you can find the job of your dreams here, and get a lot of money.

Moreover, Guff Talent guarantees that all the listed job vacancies are valid, so no one of the users will be deceived. So this is a trusted and helpful job portal for local and expatriate jobs.

3. LinkedIn

If you are looking for the biggest job search in the whole world – LinkedIn is for you. The number of users is unbelievable! It enjoys a robust presence in Kuwait, with more than over 8.6 million users. And what about vacancies? The number of vacancies is over 8000 jobs in the Kuwait region.

 If you are scared of possible absences, it means that you are wrong. Many recruitment firms are sourcing suitable candidates for the market of their region. There are many popular staffing agencies on the portal. There is a Jobskey search and selection,, Antal International, etc. Besides, through the portal, you can not only apply for jobs but also reach out to potential employers and seek career advice. It is awesome.

4. Layboard

And a star of these websites is Layboard. It is a job portal that specializes in providing work abroad. You can get a lot of payments from it. Layboard is user-friendly and easy to use. It consists of many types of jobs. 

5. Bayt

Headquartered in Dubai, Bayt is a digital career platform with the broadest reach in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Bayt offers comprehensive employment services such as online job postings, corporate training courses, professional networking, virtual career fairs, and career-focused research reports. The website operates in English, Arabic, and French, the three key languages of the MENA region.

In Kuwait, over 6,700 employment possibilities are advertised on Bayt across all industry sectors, job functions, and career levels. Bayt is a popular recruitment platform of choice for global companies such as Samsung, Baker Hughes, and Pepsi, and Arab employers such as Marafiq, and Tawuniya. Many top recruitment agencies such as Sapphire Recruitment Consultants, Michael Page, Quest Search, and Selection also use Bayt to source quality talent for companies. If you are hunting for executive roles, Bayt’s special executive job search category could be helpful.


Here you have the best websites for finding not only jobs, and even for your perfect life. Because an online job in Kuwait is full of ideal, awesome, and cool advantages. Of course, which website will be chosen – only your decision. They are all trusted and verified. That means that only you can change your life. All you need is to just open websites and start looking for your dream job.

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