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The Best YouTube Niches In The Year 2022

YouTube is liked by millions of people for content creation. It has become the hub for video creation. YouTubers try all possible tips and tricks to run their YouTube channel and survive the high competition.

Daily new users are added to YouTube. If you are new to YouTube and want to make a popular YouTube channel, the first thing you need to do is select a relevant, popular and creative niche for your channel.

A niche is a genre or subgenre on which content creators concentrate their efforts. On YouTube, there are numerous niches.

The Best YouTube Niches In The Year 2022v

Choosing a niche for your YouTube channel is a very complex task. It is a very important decision for a new youtuber.

Because the whole configuration and performance of your channel is dependent upon niche only. All the planning and execution is dependent upon niche of your channel.

You need research and brainstorming for this decision. You can select a niche according to your hobby also. There are some popular niches you can choose. Let us discuss them briefly.


In 2022, there are various creative and relevant YouTube Niches you need to know. Let’s discuss some popular and best niche for your YouTube channel:


Fashion is a very important and relevant niche for YouTube. People, especially the female audience, are highly fond of fashion. Fashion designing is a really popular and promising profession. Fashion designers use youtube as fashion influencers to attract potential customers.

Content also needs to be creative and influential for getting better engagement.


Who does not like Food? Everyone likes different kinds of food. Every country has a variety of regional food specialties. If you are foody and love to cook then you can opt cooking Niche.

The Best YouTube Niches In The Year 2022b

In the cooking niche you can share your cooking talent. You can also launch your cookery show on youtube. You can opt for teaching cooking also. Cooking niche has high success potential because housewives and cooking aspirants love to make new dishes.


Another important and relevant niche you can opt for is Health and Fitness. Today because of pandemic human beings are facing issues like obesity, depression, and other health issues.

The Best YouTube Niches In The Year 2022c

Many people opt for exercise at home, so they prefer YouTube to do exercise with trainers. Today people are becoming fitness freaks. In fact, many people choose a career as Fitness trainer.


YouTube is famous for technology training. Technology advancement has reached a high notch. Youtube has made many Non IT people use technology with ease. Today many students like to improve their tech and coding skills, so they use YouTube for that purpose.

Technology niche is very popular among youngsters. It will get huge traffic.


Another popular niche is sports. People find sports very exciting and thrilling. Sports like Cricket and football are very thrilling. People are very fond of their favorite players. Some people love to get tips and tricks or favorite sports so you can choose a sports niche also.


Today youngsters love to play online games. Games like PUBG are popular among high schoolers. In fact youngsters and youtubers play these games on live streams for getting more views and traffic.

7. DIY

DIY hacks have found a very interesting niche on YouTube. Viewers found DIY’s very interesting and exciting. They love to discuss their views on  DIY’s. If you are fond of using DIY skills, you can also opt for this niche.


Many people use Youtube for getting information for preparing for interviews. Some want to learn communication skills and soft skills. Some want knowledge about job openings, so they prefer youtube channels for getting relevant information. You can opt for this niche also if you have interest in training and development and human resources.


One of the lovely niches is traveling. People find it amusing to see different travel vlogs on youtube. Many tourism companies use YouTube to promote their packages by launching special vlogs with celebrities. If you are fond of traveling then you can also opt for this niche.


Niche selection is quite a difficult and dicey decision. People find it confusing to  select niches. But you can select your niche according to your own interest and hobby. Above mentioned niches are popular and attention worthy niches. They get good rankings on google. So CHOOSE IT and CREATE IT!

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