The business and the tourism industry:

Tourism is one of the most flourishing industries in the world. The countries like Turkey, Egypt, India,  and Sri Lanka are basically developing countries but these countries are earning a lot from the tourism industry. Applying for a visa has been made easy especially for tourism purposes. Turkey is especially providing many facilities to the tourists coming from the Schengen countries and from the US. 

They can visit the country for the 30 day. In turkey millions of persons connected to the tourism industry. Turkey e visa is free for the tourists coming from the cruise ships. In SriLanka, tourism has become the main pillar of the economy. Applying for a visa for tourism and you would get the best of the response from the various countries.

The main reason for this positive response is the global tourism promotion across the world. In SriLanka, tourism is the 3rd largest industry in the country. The tourism in the country is flourishing due to the warm water beaches and also due to the safari of the country.

In this article, we are discussing how businesses are well connected with the tourism industry:

The tourism and business in the world:

Tourism is one of the main sources of growing your business around the world. The countries are relaxing the visa restriction to flourish this industry. 

Tourism industry in India:

The travelling visas have become easy to get, for example the Indian visa is available for 10 years for the US citizens, so you can travel as many times as possible to the country like India. The Indian economy is the second largest economy in volume, and many US investors are investing in the field of hoteling and food chain industry. This is the main reason you can see the world’s best hotleing resort across India. The main reason for this business is the tourism industry.

Tourism industry in Canada:

In  Canada 1 out of 10 jobs is created by the tourism industry in the country, which is quite amazing. The ETA Canada can be gathered for the 5 years long time, which is quite amazing. you can travel as many times during this time. This is all to promote the tourism industry in the country. The tourists may wonder, can I travel to Canada? Yes, you can travel to these amazing counties having the world’s most beautiful sites like the Niagara falls and the beaches of the Atlatic and the Pacific ocean. The other thing in Canada is the ice-capped Northern area. The areas around the arctic ocean are full of snowfall all the year around. These areas are covered by the ice all the years around. The Canadian economy is receiving millions of dollars due to the tourism industry.

Tourism industry in Egypt:

The Egyptian economy is totally tourism based, applying for a visa to Egypt is quite easy for the tourists. The magical tourist sites like the pyramids of the Giza and the kings valley are quite amazing for the tourists.The magical tourism in Egypt is playing an important role in sustaining the country’s economy.


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