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Cricket is among the most watched sports worldwide and is surpassed in total viewers just by soccer. Naturally, the situation could be quite different without India but it’s an extremely popular sport in a variety of other countries. It’s not easy to deny its appeal however, newbies to the sport can be confused by its rules. Today’s sports news about cricket is a topic that is loved by most cricket fans.

There is a total of the 42 Laws of Cricket and many subrules to be considered, we’ll explore some of the situations that could arise in T20 cricket, and make you confused. When compared to the above, regulations for Super Over could appear to be simple. Cricket is played by two teams made up of 11 players. (Sometime during junior competitions, there are 8 players teams).


If your child begins to take part in sports, it makes them more enthusiastic if they have a fundamental level of proficiency and knowledge of how to play. They’ll be able to play more frequently, gain more confidence, and remain motivated to continue playing and active. To be a successful cricketer, you must:

  1. Hand-eye coordination is excellent.
  2. Ability to catch and throw the ball
  3. A good bowling and batting technique
  4. Ability to focus for lengthy durations of time
  • Games consist of at most an innings during which teams takes turns bowling and batting, as well as fielding/bowling.
  • Fielding teams have a bowler bowl and the ball over to the player who is trying to strike the ball using their bat.
  • The fielding team attempts to take the batsmen off by:
  • Balls hitting the wickets using the ball while bowling
  • Batsman’s shot is caught on the entire
  • The batsman’s leg is hit in ahead of the wicket (LBW)
  • If you hit the wickets, the batsmen have the chance to sprint across the field
  • The batsmen attempt to get the most runs they can before being out with: Running with the ball, hitting it and running between wickets, and then making it back to the other side before fielders can hit the wickets by using the ball. Every time you run one entire length of the field that’s equal to one run.
  • The ball must be hit to the boundary of the ground and will take four runs.
  • Throwing the ball over the line on the full runs equals 6 runs.
  • The fielding team has to get 10 batsmen off before they switch and begin the batting.
  • The objective for the match is to make as many runs as you can before the team that field can take 10 wickets. The team with the highest runs is the winner
  • The batsman isn’t able to strike the ball two times

If you’ve ever thought about why the batsman didn’t bother striking the ball another time, even though there was a perfect chance and was able to make a mistake, you could be amazed. The batsman is deemed out following a second strike with the bat if none of the fielders has hit the ball.

A game of cricket would not be as exciting without certain exceptions to this rule. A batsman is allowed to play and return the ball to the fielder upon asking permission. Additionally, they are permitted to hit the ball the second time, if they’re trying to shield the wickets from being hit with the ball.

Hitting the Spidercam is considered a dead ball

It is possible. In the case of Glen Maxwell, the Australian cricketer who bats all-around was able to throw the ball directly toward the cameras during the game against India. The umpire declared the ball dead according to protocol, prompting an attempt to re-launch the throw. The same rule applies if the ball strikes the roof of the stadium, it is more likely to achieve.

 If the growth of a tree is on your cricket pitch It’s considered to be a boundary

According to the ICC Rulebook states that fixed obstacle is considered to be a boundary when both captains of the team can agree. Additionally, if a ball strikes an obstruction without bouncing the ball, it counts as a boundary score.

It is the South African cricket stadium in Pietermaritzburg is among the few that have an enormous tree that grows within the ground, and in some cases, this kind of thing would be worthy of debate.

 Do not ever throw the ball across the boundary

If you’re a fielder and hit the ball over the boundary rope the penalty run will amount to five and will then be granted to the team that bats. If you’re thinking, these five runs are on top of the four runs that batters will get for their team.

In a game in a match between South Africa and India, this happened when Virender Sehwag kicked the ball and the umpire ordered five runs of penalty.

The game of cricket can be enjoyed without the bails

The incident occurred during an encounter that took place between Afghanistan West Indies in June 2017. Due to the strong winds, umpires and captains were in agreement that the match was able to be held without bails since they weren’t able to put them in place.

Prepare for batting, or get timed out

Even avid cricketers might not be aware when the next batter isn’t prepared to bat in three minutes, by Law 31 he could be disqualified. This kind of thing is rare in international or professional tournaments however it could be an interesting bit of trivia to play in the next match you’re watching in a pub with buddies.

Make sure to catch the ball with your fingers first

In addition, balls that come in contact with the clothing of players are considered ground if they do not hit directly into their palms. This holds even if a different fielder could be able to catch the ball once it has hit their teammates’ clothes.

There is a general rule in situations where the ball is irrecoverable

If the ball gets lost and there’s no possibility to recover it, the ball is taken as dead, and the ball will be replaced by a new one. However, this is still in favour of the team batting because they’re penalized runs.

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