The Current State of Online Sports Betting in Washington

Online gambling is legal in Washington State, but there are a number of considerations to bear in mind before placing a wager. Washington has yet to provide sports betting, although it is anticipated to do so before the start of the football season. Sports betting is popular amongst most Washingtonians, which is great for the city’s citizens, but there are a lot of drawbacks as well.

Despite the state of Washington’s new sports betting framework, offshore sports betting will still be able to operate in Washington. The state has a large number of offshore sportsbooks. In Washington, sports betting was allowed in 2020, but the industry has yet to get off the ground.

People in the state will be unable to place bets from their phones once wagering is available unless they are on tribal grounds. As a whole, states that don’t allow universal internet gambling do badly when it comes to bets placed. When it’s easy to place a bet, more people will do so. Customers must go to a casino to make a wager while using retail betting.

People in Washington, D.C., may rethink making a wager if they have to travel far to get there. The WA sports betting industry would suffer throughout the week without internet betting, even if retail books are thriving on the weekends.

Offshore Sportsbooks 

In jurisdictions where mobile betting is illegal, offshore sportsbooks like Bovada and MyBookie dominate the betting markets. At the moment, the only betting sites available to Washingtonians are offshore ones since there are no local online bookies available in the state. Using offshore sites is unnecessary in a jurisdiction where mobile internet gaming is legal.

A majority of individuals will continue to place bets on their smartphones under Washington’s retail-only system. The state will suffer a significant loss of tax income as a result of this.

State-level debates are ongoing in Washington over sports betting in 2022, although the state was the first to do so. Due to the current covid situation in Washington, these past two years would have been the perfect opportunity for Washington to legalize local online bookies as it is currently one of the most trending activities, globally. No one wanted to see the final consequence of sports betting.

Many inhabitants in the state were outraged when the lawmakers did not include broad internet gambling in the bill. The state’s tribal casinos will be the only places where vets can be placed when sports betting goes live. In Washington, there are 30 tribal casinos operated by 24 different tribes.

The Controversy of the Sports Betting Bill That Didn’t go Through

After the Professional and Amateur Sports, Protection Act was found to be unlawful in 2018, states were given the authority to allow sports betting. The American legal system saw a number of states fight this statute, but New Jersey led the charge.

There was no rush to enact sports betting law in the Washington legislature. Attempts to legalize sports betting in California did not begin until the year 2020. Two independent bills aimed at legalizing sports betting in the state of Washington during the current legislative session.

Retail betting would be permitted for both of these organizations. In addition, mobile gaming would have been permitted across the state of Washington.

This bill was voted out of the legislature, making way for a law that only permitted sports betting on tribal lands. For fear of legal action from the opposition, Governor Jay Inslee swiftly signed the bill.

There was a great deal of dissatisfaction among cardrooms and mobile betting providers since they were not included in the future sports wagering market. Many professional sports teams may be wagered on in the state of Washington, which has a population of over 7.6 million people. When comparing these numbers, there was no doubt why residents and betting providers were furious with such legislation. 

Online Wagering to Launch in Early 2022?

The final set of sports betting legislation will be released in Washington on July 28th. Sports betting may begin after the Department of Interior has authorized the amended tribal compacts. The federal government is anticipated to approve the compacts with flying colors.


Tribal compacts have occupied a lot of the Department of Interior’s time in 2021. Seeing the economic benefits of sports betting, several states have enacted legislation to allow citizens to take advantage of the action.

Sports betting will benefit the state if it is implemented by the first week of the NFL season, this is due to the lack of mobile betting while individuals are not on tribal lands, earnings will swiftly wane.

It is reported that this July, the first set of regulations for sports betting will be issued. Complaints and opinions will be taken into consideration by the commission, which is responsible for drafting new legislation. Regulators will also include tax and licensing prices.

With hopes that this legislation will go through, Washingtonians will hopefully be allowed to bet on their favorite sport and join the majority of the world in the exciting and opportunistic world of sports betting. 


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