The Handy Two-Minute Guide to Gun Maintenance for First-Time Shooters

If you plan to take up shooting as a hobby or even take it to the next level, you will need to know how to maintain your gun. By dismantling your gun and cleaning all the parts, it will function better and last longer. When you take your gun apart, you understand better how it works and why maintaining it is critical. Cleaning your gun regularly will also ensure it is in good condition and will perform reliably and accurately. A gun can be expensive, and regular maintenance will help to boost its life. Some easy gun maintenance tips:

Read the Instruction Manual

Take the time to read the instruction manual carefully because they can mean the difference between life and death. An instruction manual will inform you on the proper way of arming and disarming the gun and keeping your gun in perfect condition. If you buy a pre-owned gun, you may not get the manual, but in all likelihood, you will be able to find it online from the many gun resources. According to, you should not attempt to strip the gun without reading the instruction manual as the dissembling process is not the same for all guns.

Load, Unload, and Use the Gun Regularly 

Many people never take a second look at their guns unless they perceive a threat. To ensure your gun stays in proper condition and is ready for immediate use, you should periodically load and unload the gun and shoot a few rounds at a target range every couple of months. Apart from keeping the handgun in good condition, you will also hone your shooting skills so when you need to use your gun, you can do so effectively. However, you should never forget to unload your gun before keeping it away.

Use the Right Cleaning Materials

Since you will want to maintain your gun to avoid the chances of an accident, you should only use a product manufactured specifically for gun cleaning and maintenance. You should curb your DIY instincts and not use homemade products or WD-40 to look after your gun because a gun must withstand high-speed movement, extreme friction, and heat. According to Space Coast Daily, the buildup of gunpowder residues can affect the gun’s accuracy.

Clean Properly 

The best way of keeping the gun free of debris is to use a toothbrush soaked in a solvent. However, you will need a brush, rod, patches, and bore solvent to clean the bore properly. Make it a point to gently handle the gun, and never use force to scrub it clean. Adding gun oil or grease can keep the gun parts free of rust and in proper working condition. Be sure to use small amounts and wipe off the excess. Wipe the gun with an oil rag when keeping it away to prevent corrosion.


Just because you do not use your gun often does not mean you do not need to check and clean it periodically. Even if you keep your gun stored away, you should inspect and clean it weekly, and if you carry your gun around, you should inspect it every night before locking it away.

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