The Importance of Montessori Curriculum at Abu Dhabi International Schools

Nursery schools play an important role in the development of children. They provide children with a stimulating environment where they can learn while still having fun.

There are many nursery school near me in Abu Dhabi for parents to choose from.

Kindergarten Education has been a subject of interest for decades now, and as such, there is a lot of research on this topic. Research done by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, found that early childhood education (like what is found at nursery schools) promotes social, emotional, and cognitive development in children ages 3-4 years old.

It is recommended that parents make sure to find a nursery school that suits their needs best before making any final decisions or enrolling their child.

Now, abu dhabi international school follow different curriculum in their pre primary section such as Montessori, EYFS, IPC, etc. Out of all these approaches it is the Montessori Programme that is widely selected by parents.

What is a Montessori Programme?

Montessori education is a type of pedagogy which was first developed by Maria Montessori. This style of education is based on the belief that children should be treated like children. The goal is to prepare students for life, not just to prepare them to pass tests.

Montessori education can be split into three age ranges: infancy and toddler (6 months-3 years), elementary school (3-12 years) and secondary school (12-18). Montessori schools are characterized by having a lot of distractions and hands-on activities for the students. They have different stations that students rotate through throughout the day, which allows them to explore a variety of subjects in depth.

Why did the Nursery Schools near me choose the Montessori Curriculum?

A major benefit of the Montessori programme is that it has an emphasis on individual needs. Students are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own way while being encouraged to work through any issues or frustrations independently. The Montessori programme also offers different educational materials for diverse learners, making it a suitable option for all children.

The Montessori programme also encourages independence and freedom from the teacher. This allows students to work at their own speed without feeling pressured by classmates or other students who may be excelling in the subject. Under this curriculum the lessons are often presented in such a way that they engage children’s curiosity and creativity.

The Montessori program is based on the below-mentioned principles:

  • A strong, supportive environment that fosters independence and self-initiative.
  • A hands-on approach to teaching and learning through sensory materials.
  • A rich curriculum rooted in classical teaching methods
  • An emphasis on physical health and fitness
  • Emphasis on social skills and emotional well-being
  • Free play for children to explore their natural curiosities.Montessori Classrooms at Abu Dhabi International Schools

The Montessori Method of teaching is based on the idea that children are naturally inclined to learn. The classroom does not have any physical boundaries, as children are constantly moving around to different stations. Children at a Montessori school will typically be engaged in some kind of self-directed learning for the majority of time they spend in class, whether it’s reading a book or working on an activity like building with blocks or painting.
The classroom environment welcomes children’s natural curiosity without judgment or criticism of their activity choices. Children are given freedom to pursue their interests while being guided by teachers who support and facilitate, rather than dictate, what they learn.

Montessori teaching aids at nursery schools near you

In Montessori programmes little ones learn through play and exploration. That is why specially developed materials are used for students. Montessori teaching materials are one of the most important aspects of the educational process. These materials are meant to stimulate children and guide them along their own learning paths while providing an overall framework for them to learn in. With these materials, children may develop skills such as creativity, independence, and concentration which will serve them in all areas of life.
Although these teaching tools look like fun toys, their main purpose is to help children master difficult concepts through play. Some of the common teaching materials found at Montessori classrooms are:
– Pink Tower
– Sound Cylinders
– Dressing frames
– Wooden Tracing boards
– Puzzle maps
– Beads
– Binomial Cube
– Checkerboard
– Classification cards
In comparison to traditional schooling, the Montessori Method is unique because it gives children a chance to develop skills on their own. They are able to use these skills in a classroom setting where they are given more freedom and independence than in other classrooms. Montessori education also emphasizes respect for others and that is why in Abu Dhabi, International Schools have adopted this pedagogy.


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