The Importance of talking to friends and family

Having a friend that is always there for you is a beautiful thing and should be cherished. Friendships can improve our lives in several different ways. A good friend will help you understand yourself better and want the best out of you.

Not only does friendship give a shoulder to lean on, but they also help to support our mental health. Our mental well-being is dependent on our capability to form connections and bonds with others. These connections bring us joy and elevate our moods during those dark days.

Humans are social beings, and it is a good balance to have friends and family that have the same values as you and offer support when you need it.

Which Values Do Friendships Contribute to our well-being?

1. Help Create Good Behaviours

Good friendships may help you promote good behaviours. That motivation they give you when working on your goals is helpful. A good example is when you start a new diet or fast. Having a supportive friend gives you the motivation to keep going when things seem difficult. Friends may also help to point out your weak arrears or when you mess. Example when you excessively drink.

Having a supportive friend who tells you and supports your goals is someone to cherish.

2. They help to promote our health.

With a good support system, it decreases the number of diseases and long life conditions. Diseases like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and anxiety or the use of substance abuse. The reason being, loneliness is a negative emotion that may end up leading to long-term diseases.

When you have someone to talk to and laugh with, it keeps you healthy, radiant, and happy as you will be able to share your low moments.

1. Build Your Confidence

Most of us are unsure of our capabilities and what we bring to the table. It’s a common feeling. But, if you have supportive friends and family, they will help build your self-esteem. A healthy support system will cheer you on in whatever you do and, you will end up appreciating the beauty you have to offer to this world.

On those days, you have a presentation in class, and a friend from the back gives you a thumbs up. It’s enough to boost your esteem and believe that your presentation will be among the best.

2. Reduce Stress

There are days when stress gets the better of us, things are falling apart and we have nowhere to turn to. A good friend will help you navigate through this phase. They will offer a shoulder to lean on or guide us if we need it.

The mere fact that you have someone who listens to what you are going through is special. Talking helps release what we are going through.

3.  Create a sense of belonging

When you have friends with whom you share almost everything and have gone through a lot together, it creates that sense of belonging. The stories shared or experienced together form that lasting bond, and it feels like a safe place. It feels safe to have your tribe of friends who want nothing but the best for you.

Tips on Making Friends

Friendships are not automatic, and they might require some time before you find that one friend with whom your gut feels at peace. Friendships are formed with people we meet regularly. It might be at work, school, or the place you stay.

The more you see this person, the more you share stories and form lasting relationships. Another way of making friends is by meeting people who have the same interests as you. We get drawn to people who share the same hobbies, careers, or if the kids go to the same school.

How to Meet New People

If you want to meet new people, try to be open-minded and participate in new activities. You can join in a few activities like:

  • Attending sport matches
  • Attend community events or any activity that interests you to meet people with the same interests.
  • Take your dog for a walk.
  • Connect with your high school or campus alumni association
  • Take a language class, join a gym or the swimming team
  • Volunteer to activities that you believe in

Finally, it all depends on what you are comfortable doing. Supportive friendships are to be cherished and valued. They may help support our mental health, and we will be able to realize our full potential. you can read more valuable articles on blogclus.






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