The Journey to the Champions League Final

Manchester City Vs. Chelsea: The Final Showdown

One of football’s most fantastic showdowns occurs on the 29th of May, just a few weeks from today. Manchester City would be facing Chelsea at the Estadio Do Dragao Stadium, Porto, for the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League title. Fans and supporters worldwide would be glued to their screen or present at the stadium on that very night.

Manchester City had a beautiful run to the finals. They started in Group C with other teams like Porto, Marseille, and Olympiakos. They topped the group with 16 points, winning five games out of all six matches. Moving on to the knock-out stage, they faced Borussia Monchengladbach in the round of 16 and Paris Saint-Germain in the quarter-finals. Conquering both teams gave them a ticket to the semi-finals. They were up against French giants PSG in the semi-finals. Everyone knew it would be a difficult task because of the excellent pair, Neymar JR and Mbappe. However, the City team won both matches in Paris and the Etihad stadium. That’s a quick look at how the City team has performed so far.

Chelsea also had a great run. Since Thomas Tuchel took over the London side, he has been able to work some miracles. With a rough time with former coach Frank Lampard, the club is now qualified for the Champions League Final and the FA Cup Final. The 47-year-old German has been quite instrumental in the progress of the club so far. The Champions League run of Chelsea started in group E with teams like Sevilla, Krasnodar, and Rennes. The London blues side also finished top of the group with 14 points, four wins, one draw, and one loss. Chelsea proceeded to the round of 16 facing Spanish side Atletico Madrid and then to the quarter-finals facing Porto. The semi-final was against another Spanish giant, Real Madrid.

Now, the 2020/21 Champions League would be played by two English clubs. The last time this happened was between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in 2018/19. Also, Sir Ferguson’s Manchester United and Jose’s Chelsea team in 2007/08 was another Final with two English sides. This is a good feel for lovers of English football. It simply means that the Premier League is competitive and cannot be regarded as a farmers league. Bettors now have to stake on the finals to get the very best from the event. One way to feel close to the game is also to have a stake in it. Staking and watching the game is more fun and entertainment for gamblers all over the world. Our greek bookmakers reviews put you ahead of your peers.

  • Road to The Finals

Manchester City’s road to the Champions League final was confirmed after knocking out Paris Saint-Germain. Chelsea’s ticket was also secured after beating Real Madrid on their home soil. Now, the final would be played in Portugal. The UEFA Champions League Final would be an all-English team final. What are the expectations? From players, coaches, and clubs? What do fans expect of the final? Would it be more entertaining, seeing we have no Ronaldo, Messi, or Neymar at the finals?

Most fans are skeptical, but I am confident of an entertaining football final in Istanbul.

Kate Richardson, sports betting expert

  • Who would be the Champion?

Currently, the champions league holders are the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich. Unfortunately, they were knocked out by French giants Paris Saints-Germain in the quarter-final stage of the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League competition. Fans and bettors now have to predict who would lift the Cup on the 29th of May. Supporters of Chelsea would support their team to win and, likewise, fans of Manchester City. However, to place accurate bets, you have to avoid being emotional. Consider the odds of both sides carefully to make a logical prediction. Whatever the outcome, greek bookmakers are bound to get a lot of traffic.

Why do you think Manchester City can win the game? Is it because of the coach or the player’s teamwork? These questions are essential if you intend to win your bet. This team of City players probably have been together and have a team spirit that would pay off for them. Perhaps, they are backed by a coach who has also won the title with Barcelona. Then, what about Chelsea? Seeing them struggle under Frank Lampard was terrible. However, they have found purpose and momentum with the current coach, Thomas Tuchel. Interestingly, Chelsea has become that team no other team wants to face. Remembers they conquered an experienced side, Real Madrid, to get to the final.

The Journey to the Champions League Final3

Manchester City played host to Chelsea on the 8th of May. The match ended with the away side coming from a goal down to win the game. Could that be a show-off of what to expect in Istanbul? Who knows? Well, these signs would help you make a good prediction that would see you enjoying a nice cash flow at the end of the day. It would be fantastic if the game gets to the penalty stage. This would add more minutes in the aspect of extra time and penalty sessions to the game. It would give fans more tensioning moments and more fun. Manchester City Vs. Chelsea, who takes the cup home? The day draws nearer, and only time can tell.

  • The New Venue

Due to Covid-rules of the United Kingdom, there was a change in the venue for the Final. Originally the Final was to be played in Istanbul, Turkey but due to the restrictions by the UK government, and it has been moved to Porto, Portugal. Interestingly, this venue is the only one at which Manchester City hasn’t won a Champions League game this season. The atmosphere will be energetic as fans of both clubs would be allowed into the stadium. The tickets would be made available on the 24th of May. However, supporters are required to comply with every Covid-19 protocol.


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