The live narration of a now converted and perky husband in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Have you been wondering where to spend your holidays with your lovely or, only in my extraordinary case, just simply unpleasant family? I have. One thing is for sure, I do not recommend Gulf Shores, Alabama. Why not? Its sandy beaches, blue sky, and golden sunshine are pretty hard to get used to. For this particular reason, vampires also have a strong aversion to this place, horrific in its beauty. They avoid Gulf Shores like it were garlic. No gothic Twilight fans here. Another huge plus for me. The last time I counted, the beach town situated in Baldwin County had an average of 12,000 inhabitants, meaning it was quite densely populated … 

Once you get into the habit of pure torture of this idyllic scenery, you might find yourself feeling a little bit attached to this place. But, oh, no! Your vacation came to a startling halt. Your baggage is impatiently waiting to get ready. The countdown has commenced, your final minutes are here. Nonetheless, you turn on the laptop and start browsing your favorite website to find, as quickly as possible, the local real estate agents in Gulf Shores AL for available housing opportunities in the city. All it took was a brief moment of weakness, and you got infected with the never-want-to leave-this-place fever. Your family would give you the puppy eyes too. How will you proceed?

Five years have passed since. You look out the window and find out you have arrived where you always wished to. Your family seems ecstatic and does not have that original unpleasant aura around them. Are they happy, you wonder? Then, in your mind, you go through the list of leverages Gulf Shores compiled to convince you to stay.

First, as a caring father and husband, I was concerned with my family’s safety. After a detailed background check on the safest states and cities in America (call me a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation), I found out that this particular city has a darker side. I must acknowledge that the crime rate may sound alarming at first. With 40 per one thousand residents, Gulf Shores has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all cities and towns. Still, most of its safety issues do no concern violent crimes, there were no murders whatsoever per 100,000 people. In addition, traditional robberies were also far and few. There are much more dangerous places to live in America, for sure. 

The ‘decently’ high cost of living

Obviously, the next thing I was concerned about was the cost of living. I discovered that, as every good thing, this haven comes at a price too. On average, the cost of living in Gulf Shores was higher than in other Alabama cities. Our vacation rental was quite pricey, and we realized we couldn’t stay there forever. So we decided to apply for a mortgage at the bank to pay for a $500,000 condo, which was, as they told me, the average condo list price. I have to mention also that, since the heat is quite unbearable during summer, the energy cost for air conditioners can go quite high.

How did Gulf Shores win me over?

Once I made sure it was safe for me to go outside, even during nighttime, I wanted to explore the place for myself and my family more intensively. Where can I take them when we get tired of the beach view?

I will not weary you down with every bit of Gulf Shores attraction, but I must tell you that I could go on for ages. Beaches, trails, a pier for starters. Visit Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge if you are fond of sea turtles and migratory birds, my kids are, I can tell you that much. They keep on stealing my food to feed those animals.

The 25-acre Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo was another fantastic appeal of the city that convinced me to move there: The Gulf Shores Zoo! Lemurs, kangaroos, and sloths make for thoroughly enjoyable companionship, and an immensely pleasant way to pass the time as well! Zoo security had to call professional help for me, and before I knew it, orderlies dressed in white showed up holding straight jackets. 

They convinced me to stop messing around. I had to postpone this project of mine. Once you experience the various sorts of theme-park family entertainment, mind-blowing, interactive, and fun-filled animal meetings and shows you will feel simply compelled to follow in my footsteps. And don’t get me started with the giraffe feeding station … They are a man’s best buddies. 

Does the climate ever get bad?

I was sincerely hoping that the climate would change for the worse. After long months of waiting to prove my devilish point to my wife that nothing is all milk and honey, I realized the climate must be a carbon copy of heaven’s weather. This city has a humid subtropical climate, featuring long, hot summers. Winters are sunny too, and mild. Everything was set and I had to go for beach walks, fishing, and finally, I started learning golf at Tiki’s Mini Golf. (I still can’t seem to get it in the hole). The good news was that I became sort of an expert in watching surfers in May/June. Then I remembered those ‘good old days’ in Chicago, or New York, where the weather had frozen my buns off during winters. Here and now, however, I could enjoy outside activities most of the time.

Let me tell you, I had never been a fan of seafood. But, there is no turning back from shrimps, crabs, oysters, and fish. You simply get hooked.

Gulf Shore displays a wide range of education prospects

In search of an educational facility, I opted for the Sand Castle University for my oldest son. Squibbing at first, he finally gave in. I always hoped for the best for him, a doctor’s or lawyer’s career. After a while, I noticed how he wouldn’t wanna come home anymore. It took me some time to find out that my son successfully mastered the art of building artful sandcastles on the Gulf Coast instead of the law. So, after a prolonged family crisis, and bull-session, I arrived at the conclusion to drop that and find him a proper university. Can you help me with that?

My younger ones found the perfect school in Gulf Shores Elementary and High School, respectively. With the ideal education they receive there they already laid out the plans for their future. Though there are several private schools with a good reputation, they chose the South Baldwin Christian Academy, they wish to become caretakers and vets for animals. And, obviously, to be there for their daddy by the time he permanently moves into the zoo.

Conclusion to a wonderful city worth moving to

So, as you probably found out, I got very attached to this place. Living in Gulf Shore, AL made me complete as a father and a husband. I discover new things to do and visit virtually every day. This place is a gold mine of opportunities, not only in terms of sightseeing and pastime activities but also in the job market. Come and visit this fabulous place!


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