The Married Couple’s Guide To Bedroom Etiquette

The bedroom is the place where one should feel relaxed and comfortable. This is the place where you spend your time when you are tired or have some other emotional problem that needs to be solved. Hence, a married couple’s bedroom is also the place of happiness for both the married couple. However, this does not mean that they can do without their items. They need to put importance on their bedroom items to have a peaceful and pleasant sleep.

Furniture Arrangement

The furniture arrangement of the bedroom is also an important part of bedroom etiquette. You should make sure that the bedroom furniture is matching with each other. Married couple’s bedroom furniture should not be mismatched because it will create confusion. It is better if the bedroom items are placed in their proper spots. This is the best way to make your bedroom complete and perfect.

The bed linen also plays an important role in bedroom arrangement. To prevent the mess and stain on the bed linen, you should make the bed linen drawers double foldable. You should also fold the bed linen separately from the bedsheets. This will avoid any kind of mix-up that may occur at night.

There are different bedroom etiquette rules for married couples. The first is that the married couple should maintain separate jewelry. A married couple should not keep rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in the same drawer. They can easily find out where one of them has placed the ring.

A married couple’s bedroom should be designed in such a way so that both of them can have their privacy. The bedroom should not be shared by other people. If you are staying with friends, you should avoid sharing the bed with your partner. The bedroom can also be designed like a mini office, where you can do work while getting cozy with each other. The bedroom can be designed in such a way that it creates a feeling of intimacy.


The bedroom can also have different themes. In western theme, bedrooms can be designed like a bar, western-style beds, and also a playroom. In an Asian theme bedroom, you can place a bean bag to give a more relaxing feel. Place a reading lamp beside your desk. You can also add a rug to give a different feel. In this case, the couples can also have different kinds of decorations. You can also consider the color of the walls. You should choose a color combination that is neither too bright nor too dull.

During the day time, the married couple can have small talk in bed. A married couple can discuss their day. The bedroom also plays an important role in preparing for a baby. You can place a baby monitor in the bedroom for the privacy of the couple.


The bedroom can also be designed as an entertainment room. In this case, you can place a television or listening system. Also, you can create a good environment by placing art and craft materials. In Asian themed bedroom, a picture of a man and woman holding hands can be framed. For a more romantic touch, you can put a picture of a flower or anything else that can create a calming effect.

Prepare the room by removing all the unnecessary furniture from the area. It is better to leave only the necessary furniture and decorations to make your room look more spacious. Remove any furniture that does not belong in that particular room and also remove any decoration that is not suitable to the theme you have chosen. Try to maintain the bedroom temperature, as it can cause you trouble later. A beautiful room will have more appeal and also will make you feel comfortable.


After getting rid of the unnecessary furniture, you can start with selecting the furniture that will fit in the room. You should keep in mind the married couple’s taste when buying the furniture. It will be a good idea if you can sit with your husband and discuss the possible choice of furniture. In this way, you will get an idea about the styles that are suitable for the room.

When choosing the furniture, you should place them in the appropriate places. A high cabinet is the best place to put your dressing table while a low cabinet is a good place for your nightstand. Another important piece of furniture that you should have in your room is the chest of drawers, dressing mirror, nightstand, and reading lamp. Remember that you should choose furniture that is not too high that it blocks the doorway of the bedroom.


The most common and basic bedroom etiquette for married couples is having a little bit of privacy. If you two are talking to each other during the day, you can still do it in the bedroom after dinner. This will give the couple some privacy and it will also help you to relax a bit. You can play cards and even sing a song while doing it.

Another very important bedroom etiquette for married couples is having an appropriate place for intimacy. This bedroom is something that should always be luxurious and sensual. It should be just right for both the husband and the wife. There should be enough space to move around comfortably and cuddle together. It is very important to be comfortable when having sex or any other activity in this bedroom.

Bedroom etiquette for married couples should also involve having a good plan for foreplay. Some couples like to spend time making love, so they will just have to set aside some time to do that. However, it is also important to do the same with foreplay. A married couple should know how long they should keep their foreplay before it becomes too late.


Married couples should avoid having any form of disturbance in their bedroom. Disturbance in the bedroom may cause arguments and misunderstandings. Married couples who continue to have arguments and misunderstandings in their bedroom can never make things better between them. Bedroom etiquette for married couples includes creating a relaxed environment. The room can be very romantic by leaving candles on the bed, using light colors to decorate the room, and having romantic music playing in the background.

There are so many ways on how to create a great romance and intimacy in a married couple’s bedroom. There is no more need to feel stressed and tired in everyday life. All couples can easily learn how to create a special bedroom for each other and make their bedroom a haven for romance. Married couples should work well together and create the perfect bedroom for each other.

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