The most beautiful hikes in Nepal

When you say Nepal, many people think of snow-capped peaks and difficult treks. Of course you will find them there. They do not call it ‘the roof of the world’ for nothing. However, people often think that Nepal is only a destination for very experienced mountaineers and trekkers. That is a big misconception. Nepal is also perfect for beautiful walks, even if you are less experienced.

Beautiful walks

Hiking in Nepal is the ideal way to discover this beautiful country. Even if you are less experienced, there are beautiful routes that lead you through the breathtaking landscape where mountain peaks, forests and meadows alternate with idyllic mountain villages.

The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is a beautiful trekking route that allows you to experience Nepal in a very relaxed way. It is a relatively short trek that can be done by anyone with a good condition. The footpaths are well passable and the height differences are limited. The view from Poon Hill is really beautiful. Especially if you are there at sunset.

Another beautiful region to go trekking in Nepal is the Annapurna Region. A good starting point is Pokhara, also called the city of lakes. The tracks you can make here are pretty quiet. The nature is really beautiful but also in terms of culture there is much to experience.

If you like more spectacle, then the Everest region is more for you. The treks here are much more challenging and the height differences are a lot bigger. Experience is required here. The Everest region is also a lot busier. Many trekkers and climbers want to see or climb Mount Everest.

The best time to travel

If you want to go hiking in Nepal, it is best to do it in spring. The weather conditions are best then. In the summer months you have problems with the monsoon rains. That period you can better not go. September is also a very suitable month. Nature is very beautiful. The winter is less suitable, many routes are then impassable by snowfall and bad weather.

How to get to Nepal

There are no direct flights from our country to Nepal. A number of airlines depart from Schiphol Airport to the capital Kathmandu. From there you can take a domestic flight or drive to your chosen destination. It is still busy at the airports, so keep an eye out for delays. If this is the case, you are often entitled to compensation. Even if you fly with airlines other than KLM. You can easily claim compensation for a canceled flight with United Airlines. Don’t forget, you are entitled to compensation.

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