The Perfect Bed To Complete The Look Of Your Room

Designing your bedroom into a private sanctuary where you can relax and refresh yourself after a hard day at work is not too much of a big ask. Unfortunately, many people assume that picking out a bed and a wardrobe is all you need to make your bedroom perfect. You could not be further from the truth. A lot of elements go into creating a bedroom where you enjoy spending your time. One of the key elements is naturally the Wakefit bed. The bed comprises the mattress, the engineered wood bed, bed linens, pillows, throw cushions, a duvet or a quilt. Once you get all these elements right, voila! Your bedroom is halfway to completing the look of your room!

Picking Out A Bed

As you set out bed hunting, it might be helpful to keep in mind that you need to consider the aesthetic look and its function. After all, nobody wants a gorgeous-looking bed in their bedroom that is extremely uncomfortable to sleep on.

With so many different bed models available today, it is easy to get carried away. You can avoid that by measuring the space available in your bedroom. Knowing this will help you decide the size of the bed you can get, which also leaves enough walking space in the bedroom. The standard bed sizes include Single, Double, Queen, and King Size. While getting the biggest size available might seem like a great idea at the store, having enough free space in your bedroom is also essential. An overstuffed bedroom does not exactly offer a calm sanctuary. If you share your bed with your partner, kids, or pets, it makes sense to get a double, Queen, or King size bed. However, this depends on the size of your bedroom.  Any future plan of placing other furnitures in the room should also be considered. If you are blessed with a large bedroom, the King size bed should be ideal. You will have plenty of space to move about as you sleep, even if you share your bed with your spouse or kids.

The next thing on your plate is to decide whether you require additional storage space or not. Several bed models offer additional storage space underneath the bed. This space is easily accessible and comes in handy when you want to store things without cluttering up your room. If space is an issue in your home, a bed that offers storage space will be a welcome respite. However, if you already have plenty of storage options at home, you can go for the more traditional bed designs. A multifunctional bed can be a saviour to those who are not blessed with plenty of space for storage in their homes. The storage beds are designed to take up floor space that is usually unused in the bedroom. So if you have been hoarding books, magazines, clothes, or even have a ton of winter clothes, a wooden bed design with a storage option can be a lifesaver!

Once the bed has been picked out, you need to decide where it goes in your bedroom. If you had already decided this before picking out the bed, you deserve a pat on the back! In most cases, beds are often placed against the wall so that the natural light streaming through the window does not fall directly on the bed. The position of your bed is entirely up to you. You can place it anyway in your bedroom as long as it pleases you and is deemed practical. Remember that placing the bed near the window depends on how well the windows are insulated. An important thing to remember while deciding the position of your bed is access to light sockets, light switches, plug points, etc. Browse top mattresses brands like Purple, Nectar, Tempur-Pedic, Serta and Sealy.

A solid wooden bed is a popular choice when it comes to bedrooms. It goes seamlessly with different décor styles and usually lasts for years. So if you are looking for something that is practical and adds style to your bedroom, a wooden bed is your best bet. You can find several interesting wood bed designs in the market these days. While some come with elaborate headboards, some have sleek, straight lines for people who prefer a minimalistic approach.

If you plan to buy a bed online, take the time to visit different websites and make sure you read all the information available. Several manufacturers offer additional benefits like free delivery, warranty, and installation by carpenters on-site. Although buying furniture may sound like a risky move, worry not. You can buy without hesitation from reliable and trustworthy online sellers. Buying furniture online will even help you avail better discounts than at your local store.

If you are looking for a bed for your kid’s room, it is prudent to keep an eye out for beds that can withstand more wear and tear. While kid’s beds come in interesting colours and designs, a more traditional wooden bed may be the better choice. They are built to last longer and can handle rough usage without breaking down. Of course, you can always make the bed more attractive with some DIY ideas like painting in their favourite colours, adding stickers, colourful bedsheets and snuggling pillows.

After the bed has been picked out, the mattress comes next. A good quality mattress from a reliable manufacturer is your best bet. Once this has been picked out, you need bed linens made from natural materials like cotton. The thread count of the bedsheet is a good indicator of the quality of the bedsheet. The unwritten rule states that the higher the thread count, the better. Experts recommend a bedsheet with a thread count between 300 and 400 for the best sleeping experience. You no longer have to visit several stores to find the perfect Queen size bed to complete your bedroom look! Once you have all the elements, you will be able to create a bedroom straight out of your dreams!


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