The Power of MBTI Tests You Have Been Missing Out On!

Most new businesses and establishments might not be familiar with this but MBTI assessment is much more popular than most people think. To be more precise, around 89% of the Fortune 100 companies use the MBTI test for various purposes, be it hiring or personality development.

Known as the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, this personality test can be extremely useful for companies to ensure they are at their productive best with their employees. Instead of segregating new hires and existing employees into a preset category or work profile, the MBTI test can ensure that you don’t take a wrong step in human resource deployment.

So, if you have not considered this yet, here are some benefits of the MBTI test that will encourage you to implement it for your business.

  • Brings Right People for a Job

While hiring and deploying employees into various job roles, the MBTI test can ensure that you are sticking to the strength of the individual. This way, you don’t waste resourceful employees by putting them into the wrong job.

For instance, you wouldn’t want a person with excellent communication and persuasion skills to be in your admin team. Rather, the sales team is where the employee belongs, and the MBTI test can help you identify that.

  • Betters Communication

You may think that this is a long shot, but the MBTI test can improve the overall communication within your organisation. Since the employees are segregated and teamed up based on their personality, they will find it easier to determine the best way to communicate with their co-workers and peers.

This can directly or indirectly impact the quality of the team and management for the good.

  • Reduces Conflicts

Taking the MBTI assessment can help you reduce conflicts. Since you already know the personality type of all your employees, you can deal with them in a much better way, be it for the good or bad. In case there is a conflict or dispute among the employees, you will have the best chance of resolving it since you can understand their personalities and inclinations.

  • Improves Teamwork

The personality test can be of great help when it comes to improving teamwork among the subordinates. Being aware of the personality of every employee gives you an idea of how each of them works or collaborates to exude in the most efficient possible way.

Also, when you are looking to put a team together, the personality information can help choose like members in a team, which minimizes conflicts and maximizes productivity.

  • Encourages Self-development

Knowing about the personalities allows employees to be introspective towards their own emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Having information about the intangible characteristics allows them to stick to their strengths and also work on weaknesses.


While MBTI assessment has often been under scrutiny for being unfair and polarising, it adds an extra dimension of information that works both for the organisation as well as its employees. So, following the MBTI assessment for hiring and team building can be a success formula that has propelled businesses to the Fortune 100 list.

By now, if you have already made up your mind about the MBTI personality test and its significance, all you need to do is implement it from the expert. Among many, Jambar has been of prime popularity among team building, assessments and personality tests. Perhaps, it can help you take your first step towards building productive teams based on personality and skills.

This could be the much-needed boost behind creating an automated team that is driven by like-minded people with minimum conflicts or contradictory interests.


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