The Power of the Spoken Word: Best Podcasts for Understanding Menopause

Menopause, also known as the “change of life,” is a natural process that all women experience as they age. However, despite being a universal occurrence, menopause is still often stigmatized and misunderstood in society.

As women go through this stage of life, they may face physical, emotional, and mental changes that can be daunting and overwhelming. It is important for women to have access to reliable information about menopause in order to understand and manage these changes.

One great way to gain knowledge about menopause is through podcasts. Podcasts are a popular medium for sharing information and insights on various topics. In this blog post, we will discuss the power of the spoken word and highlight some of the best podcasts for understanding menopause.

Why Podcasts?

Podcasts have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their convenience and accessibility. Unlike reading articles or watching videos, podcasts allow listeners to multi-task while learning. Whether you’re driving, exercising, or doing household chores, you can easily listen to a podcast and absorb valuable information.

Moreover, podcasts offer a more personal and intimate experience as they are usually hosted by individuals who share their own experiences and perspectives. This can make the content more relatable and engaging for listeners.

Best Podcasts for Understanding Menopause

Here are some of the bestmenopause podcasts that provide helpful insights for women going through this stage of life:

  1. The Menopause Minute

The Menopause Minute is a short and concise podcast that provides listeners with crucial information about menopause in an easily digestible format. Each episode covers a different aspect of menopause, from hot flashes to mental health issues. Hosted by Dr. Fiona Lovely, a certified menopause practitioner, this podcast offers expert advice and practical tips for managing menopause symptoms.

  1. The Menopause Movement

Hosted by Dr. Michelle Gordon, The Menopause Movement podcast features interviews with medical professionals and experts in the field to provide comprehensive information and advice about dealing with menopause. Dr. Gordon’s episodes cover a wide range of topics, including hormone therapy, sleep issues, and self-care during menopause.

  1. Menopause Unmuted

Menopause Unmuted delves into the personal stories of women going through menopause, providing listeners with a sense of community and shared experiences. It is a great platform to hear about real-life experiences and learn from them. Hosted by writer and menopause advocate Clarissa Kristjansson, this podcast also features interviews with experts who offer valuable insights on navigating menopause.

  1. WisePause Wellness

This podcast combines science with personal stories to deliver a holistic view of menopause. Hosted by Jacqueline Lopez, WisePause Wellness helps women navigate through the physical and emotional challenges of menopause. With episodes focused on nutrition, exercise, and mental health, this podcast provides practical advice for managing menopause symptoms.

  1. The Happy Menopause

The Happy Menopause is an engaging podcast that focuses on the positive aspects of menopause. It provides practical advice on how to remain healthy and happy during this stage of life. Hosted by Nicki Williams, a hormone and nutrition expert, this podcast covers topics such as weight gain, brain fog, and libido during menopause.

  1. Menopause Natural Solutions

For those seeking natural alternatives for dealing with menopause symptoms, the Menopause Natural Solutions podcast offers a wealth of information. It explores various natural remedies, their effectiveness, and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle. Hosted by Maryon Stewart, a menopause expert and author, this podcast also features interviews with other natural health experts.

  1. Menopause Mindset

The Menopause Mindset delves into the psychological aspects of menopause. It provides strategies for managing mood swings, anxiety, and depression, and discusses the importance of mental health during menopause. Hosted by psychologist Dr. Rosanne Austin, this podcast aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health and menopause.

  1. Menopause: A Comedy of Women

This podcast adds a humorous twist to discussions about menopause, making it an enjoyable listen. The hosts share their personal stories and invite guests to discuss coping mechanisms and ways to embrace the menopause journey. Hosted by comedians Kasha Patel and Ashleigh Smith, this podcast offers a refreshing take on menopause.

  1. The Hot Years

In The Hot Years, host Dr. Mache Seibel, a renowned health expert, provides a deep dive into various menopause topics, ensuring listeners are well-informed about this stage of life.  With episodes covering sexuality, relationships, and nutrition during menopause, this podcast offers a holistic approach to understanding menopause.

  1. Menopause and Me

Menopause and Me focuses on the personal journey of the host through menopause. The podcast serves as a platform for discussion and exploration of various topics related to menopause, providing listeners with a relatable experience. Hosted by Jo McEwan, this podcast also features interviews with experts and offers practical tips for managing menopause symptoms.

Benefits of Listening to Menopause Podcasts

Listening to podcasts about menopause can be extremely beneficial in several ways:

Informative and Educational

Podcasts offer a wealth of information about menopause, including its symptoms, causes, and treatments. They are a great source of knowledge for anyone seeking to understand this stage of life better.

They feature interviews with medical professionals and experts, providing reliable and up-to-date information.

They explore topics that are not commonly discussed, such as the psychological impact of menopause and natural remedies for symptoms, thus broadening listeners’ understanding.

Personal and Relatable

Many menopause podcasts share personal stories of women going through menopause. These stories can provide comfort and validation to listeners who are experiencing the same challenges.

They provide practical advice and tips that listeners can apply to their own lives.

Convenient and Accessible

As podcasts can be listened to anytime and anywhere, they are a convenient source of information for busy individuals.

They are also accessible to everyone with an internet connection, making them a great resource for those who do not have easy access to medical professionals or health educators.

Community Building

Podcasts create a sense of community among listeners. They offer a platform for women to share their experiences and support each other through the menopause journey.

They can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness that some may experience during menopause.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the power of the spoken word, especially in the form of podcasts, is a powerful tool for understanding and navigating through menopause. They not only provide information and education but also offer a sense of community and support for women in this stage of life. So, whether you’re experiencing menopause yourself or know someone who is, consider tuning into these podcasts for insight, guidance, and solidarity.


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