You can wear a hair wig to hide premature balding, for medical reasons or just because you want to change your hairstyle.

There are many types of wigs available such as 13×4 lace frontal wig and13x6 lace wig, but the most popular one is the lace-front wig. This hairpiece is highly recommended by hair professionals due to its realistic appearance and versatility in styling. Here are some of the best lace front wigs.

  • Realistic appearance.  A lace front wig’s hair strands are securely attached to a wig cover made of a strong, but thin, lace fabric. The wig cap is nearly invisible to the naked eye when worn on a head. People will mistakenly believe that the lace you wear is real hair because it is almost invisible.
  • Style versatility. The indiscernible cap allows you to part your hair wherever you like without fear of exposing the base. The lace closure with bundles has  only has the front part of it. The back is made from a thicker, more visible material. It is not a good idea to have your hair in a ponytail or bun as this can expose the ugly base at the back.
  • Breathability People complain that regular wigs make them feel hot and uncomfortable. This is because the wig cap is too rigid and doesn’t allow for the scalp to breathe. Front lace wigs are able to allow the scalp to breathe. The lace material is so thin that the scalp would feel like it was not there.
  • Wearable for extended periods of time The type of adhesive used will determine how long a lace-front wig can remain on its own. The wig will stay in place for up to two weeks if you use high-quality glue/tape. If you are only going to wear the wig for a brief time, an adhesive can be avoided. Instead, attach the wig with the adjustable straps included with the wig.

As with all things in life, lace front hair wigs have their drawbacks. These are the disadvantages you need to know:

  • Fragile composition A lace front wig is less likely to be damaged than wigs that have a thicker, more sturdy base. This is due to the sheerness of the used lace. This is why lace front wigs are less durable than wigs with thicker bases.
  • High price Although lace front wigs may not be the most expensive on the market, they are still quite costly compared to other types. These wigs are especially expensive if they are made from human hair. This is a reasonable price considering all the benefits these wigs offer. You might consider purchasing a cheaper wig, especially if you have a tight budget. In fact, you may be able to buy four to five wigs for the cost of one lace-front wig.
  • Special care is required If you plan to wear your wig frequently, it is likely that it will need to be repaired within a few months.
  • Short life span. Most lace front wigs will only last for six months even with the best care and attention.

You should carefully weigh the pros and cons of each type of hairpiece before you make a decision about whether you want a lace front or a different style. You should make the best decision.

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